Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

S. CAI, Y. SUN, C. GAO, P. LI, Z. CHENG, Degradation of toluene using UV/hydrogen peroxide process (pp. 5-15)

S. T. AZGIN, Change of physichochemical properties and heavy metals content in sewage sludge during vermicomposting with Eisenia fetida (pp. 17-27)

L. D. KIEU, P. Q. NGUYEN, H. D. DUC, Treatment of wastewater from intensive striped catfish farming using Hymenachne acutigluma in batch surface-constructed wetland (pp. 29-40)

S. BYUN, C.-J. LEE, S. KIM, J.-Y. KIM, S.-M. KANG, S.-W. CHA, H.-C. KIM, Characterizing the bacterial community during aerobic stabilization of livestock manure. Why should feedstock not be aged before composting? (pp. 41-51)

M. KALENIK, M. CHALECKI, Investigations on the effectiveness of wastewater purification in medium sand with assisting opoka rock layer (pp. 53-65)

M. JAKUBUS, E. BAKINOWSKA, E. TOBIASOVÁ, Valorisation of sewage sludge humic compounds in the aspect of its application in natural environment (pp. 67-83)

S. ROUHANI, S. AZIZI, M. MAAZA, B. MAMBA, T.A.M. MSAGATI, Covalent immobilization of laccase on Fe3O4-graphene oxide nanocomposite for biodegradation of phenolic compounds (pp. 85-99)

A. OSIŃSKA, P. JACHIMOWICZ, S. NIESTĘPSKI, M. HARNISZ, E. KORZENIEWSKA, The effects of season and processing technology on the abundance of antibiotic resistance genes in air samples from municipal wastewater treatment and waste management plants (pp. 101-114)


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