Environment Protection Engineering

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Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

the Department of Environmental Engineering



Environment Protection Engineering

M. KOUHAIL, Z. ELAHMADI, A. BENAYADA, R. DEWIL, Adsorption of reactive dyes and their mixtures on activated carbon. Kinetics, equilibrium and thermodynamic evaluation (pp. 5-24)

F. H. CHI, W. P. CHENG, R. F. YU, Z. F. CHEN, Electrical neutralization ability of polyaluminum chloride (PACl) coagulants with different OH–/Al3+ ratios by fluorescence quenching effect (pp. 25-39)

A. KLIMONDA, I. KOWALSKA, Separation and concentration of cationic surfactant solutions with the use of ceramic modules (pp. 41-51)

I. BRÁS, E. SILVA, L. T. DE LEMOS, Feasibility of using municipal solid wastes rejected fractions as fuel in a biomass power plant (pp. 53-62)

J. HU, Z. FENG, Z. HUANG, J. YU, J. LIU, Mechanochemical destruction of 4-bromochlorobenzene with CaO. Efficiency, kinetics, and mechanism (pp. 63-77)

A. DĦBROWSKA, R. GIEL, M. PLEWA, Assessment of the municipal waste collection process based on irregularities in notifications sent by residents. A case study in Wroc³aw, Poland (pp. 79-92)

A. SIEDLECKA, M. WOLF-BACA, K. PIEKARSKA, Seasonal variability of antibiotic resistance and biodiversity of tap water bacteria in Wroc³aw, Poland (pp. 93-109)


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