Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

M. ŻYGADŁO, P. PURGAŁ, The benefits of partial substitution of fossil fuel by alternative fuel in cement plants. A case study (pp. 5-14)

H. CHEN, L. PENG, Y. WEI, L. YU, B. JIANG, H. WANG, G. YU, G. ZHANG, Tubular biofilter treatment of isobutanol emissions under various organic loading rates (pp. 15-29)

Y. MA, L. XU, P. SU, D. FENG, K. YANG, Study on seawater scrubbing for SO2 removal from ship’s power plant exhaust gas (pp. 31-47)

B. LEMMER, Z. JÁKÓI, N. GULYÁS, S. KERTÉSZ, S. BESZÉDES, Z. LÁSZLÓ, C. HODÚR, The effect of sonication and stirring on ultrafiltration of fermentation broth (pp. 49-62)

H. ZOU, L. CHU, Y. WANG, Evaluation of integrated UFCW-MFC reactor for azo dye wastewater treatment and simultaneous bioelectricity generation (pp. 63-72)

D. HOROVÁ, P. BEZUCHA, I. RŮŽIČKOVÁ, Effect of carbon source and nitrate concentration on denitrification of high-nitrate wastewater (pp. 73-89)

A. BIELSKI, Photochemical oxidation model of organic pollutants in greywater from a small household (pp. 91-115)


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