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Environment Protection Engineering

N. MANOV DEMIR, A. YILDIRIM, T. COSKUN, C. B. CANBOLAT, E. DEBIK, Carbon and nutrient removal from domestic wastewaters in a modified 5-stage Bardenpho process via fuzzy modeling approach (pp. 5-160)
S. W. AHMAD, M. S. ZAFAR, S. AHMAD, M. ZIA-UL-HAQ, M. ASHRAF, J. RABBANI, S. ULLAH, Removal of chromium(VI) from wastewater through ion exchange. Kinetic and scale up studies (pp. 17-29)
J. WYCZARSKA-KOKOT, M. DUDZIAK, A. LEMPART, Effects of modernization of the water treatment system in a selected swimming pool (pp. 31-43)
M. KOSIOREK, M. WYSZKOWSKI, Effect of neutralizing substances on the content of trace elements in soil contaminated with cobalt (pp. 45-55)
P. S. SCALIZE, L. M. D. SOUZA, A. ALBUQUERQUE, Reuse of alum sludge for reducing flocculant addition in water treatment plants (pp. 57-70)
P. KUC, L. KORDAS, K. LEJCU¦, Phytostabilisation of tailing ponds with use of water absorbing geocomposites and organic and mineral additives (pp. 71-81)
A. EL ALAOUI, N. BECHTAOUI, L. BENIDIRE, A. EL GHARMALI, W. ACHOUAK, K. DAOUI, B. IMZILN, K. OUFDOU, Growth and heavy metals uptake by Vicia faba in mining soil and tolerance of its symbiotic rhizobacteria (pp. 83-96)
A. M. AL-MAABREH, A. E. AL-RAWAJFEH, E. ALSHAMAILEH, G. A. AL-BAZEDI, Mitigation of scale problem in the pumped Disi water to Amman, Jordan (pp. 97-110)
A. GÖRGÜLÜ, H. YA?LI, Y. KOÇ, A. KOÇ, E. BALTACIO?LU, Activated carbon adsorption behaviour of toluene at various temperatures and relative humidity (pp. 111-126)
I. SÓWKA, U. MILLER, L. KARSKI, Analysis of legal and technical solutions in terms of odours in Poland (pp. 127-138)
Y. SMAOUI, S. MSEDDI, N. AYADI, S. SAYADI, J. BOUZID, Evaluation of influence of coagulation/flocculation and Fenton oxidation with iron on landfill leachate treatment (pp. 139-153)
N. ABDUL HADI, Y. HAWARI, M. NGATIMAN, N. F. JALANI, N. A. WAHAB, R. M. HALIM, Assessment of the effluent polishing plant using a ultrafiltration membrane installed at a palm oil mill (pp. 155-170)
W. ROGULA-KOZŁOWSKA, T. MACH, P. ROGULA-KOPIEC, J. RYBAK, K. NOCOŃ, Concentration and elemental composition of quasi-ultrafine particles in Upper Silesia (pp. 171-184)


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