Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

A. MOVAFAGH, N. MANSOURI, F. MOATTAR, A. R. VAFAEINEJAD, Distribution and ecological risk assessment of heavy metals in roadside soil along the Hemat Highway of Tehran, Iran (pp. 5-17)
Y. FAKHRI, B. KAKAVANDI, Z. SAFAEI, A. ASADI, S. M. MOHSENI, H. GOLESTANIFAR, Efficient nitrate adsorption from water by aluminum powder. Kinetic, equilibrium and influence of anion competition studies (pp. 19-31)
J. STEPANOV, D. UBAVIN, D. PROKIC, I. BUDAK, H. STEVANOVIC-CARAPINA, A. N. STANISAVLJEVIC, Comparison of municipal waste management systems using LCA. South Backa waste management region. A case study (pp. 33-49)
A. SALDAÑA-ROBLES, A. SALDAÑA-ROBLES, A. MÁRQUEZ-HERRERA, G. MA DE LA LUZ RUIZ-AGUILAR, A. FLORES-ORTEGA, N. SALDAÑA-ROBLES, Adsorption of arsenic on granular ferric hydroxide (GEH®). Impact of initial concentration of arsenic(V) on kinetics and equilibrium state (pp. 51-62)
W. ZHANG, Y. YANG, H. SUGANUMA, S. KATO, S. SUZUKI, T. KOJIMA, Analysis of the breakthrough phenomena during heavy metal elution from a column packed with municipal waste incineration ash (pp. 63-78)
E. KALIPCI, O. O. NAMAL, Removal of Cr(VI) using a novel adsorbent modification. Ultrasonic method with apricot kernel shells (pp. 79-92)
M. HAJSARDAR, S. M. BORGHEI, A. H. HASSANI, A. TAKDASTAN, Nitrogen removal from ammonium-rich pharmaceutical wastewater. A comparison between sequencing batch reactor (SBR) and sequencing batch biofilm reactor (SBBR) (pp.  95-115)
M. ALCANI, A. DORRI, A. MARAJ, Estimation of energy recovery potential and environmental impact of Tirana landfill gas (pp. 117-128)
Y. XIN, G. WANG, Y. LIU, Z. ZANG, M. GAO, Effect of WO3 on the morphology and photodegradation of dimethyl phthalate of TiO2 nanotube array photoelectrode (pp. 129-139)
Z. STYPCZYŃSKA, A. DZIAMSKI, H. JAWORSKA, H. DˇBKOWSKA-NASKRĘT, Evaluation of the content of trace elements in the aerial and underground biomass of perennial grasses of the genus Miscanthus (pp. 141-151)
N. DJEBBRI, M. ROUAINIA, Prediction of industrial pollution by radial basis function networks (pp. 153-164)


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