Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

K. NING, G. HUANG, H. XU, L. WU, X. LI, Y. WANG, Effect of gas holdup on the efficiency of cyclonic-static microbubble flotation column for oily wastewater treatment (pp. 5-17)
Y. LIANG, X. YAO, L. QUIN, W. CHEN, J. HAN, Simultaneous removal of SO2 and NOx from sintering flue gas using ammonia-Fe(II)EDTA combined with electrolytic regeneration (pp. 19-36)
A. KUMAR, M. DATTA, A. K. NEMA, R. K. SINGH, B. R. GURJAR, Closure of municipal solid waste dumps. Site rating for odor impact (pp. 37-56)
H. YANG, W. ZHOU, L. YANG, J. DENG, Q. HU, H. WEI, C. AU, B. YI, Ag+/S2O8 2– system for the degradation of aqueous flutriafol (pp. 57-72)
P. GHARBANI, Efficiency of response surface methodology for optimizing Reactive Blue 21 dye removal with modified bentonite (pp. 73-85)
T. KRZY¦KO-ŁUPICKA, Ł. KRĘCIDŁO, Unconventional yeast in the degradation of hydrocarbons in contaminated soil (pp. 87-99)
A. RABAJCZYK, A. ¦WIERCZ, Contamination of soils with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons near petrol stations in the city of Kielce (pp. 101-115)
Y. CUI, X. DENG, Q. MA, H. ZHANG, X. CHENG, X. LI, M. XIE, Q. CHENG, B. LI, Kinetics of photoelectrocatalytic degradation of diclofenac using N, S co-doped TiO2 nano-crystallite decorated TiO2 nanotube arrays photoelectrode (pp. 117-130)
Y. WANG, S. SHIA, C. WANG, S. FANGA, Degradation of pulp mill wastewater by a heterogeneous Fenton-like catalyst Fe/Mn supported on zeolite (pp. 131-145)
F. B. YAMAN, M. ÇAKMAKC?, D. KARADA?, B. ÖZKAYA, V. BAL?, B. DORA, Treatment processes based on the molecular weight distribution of textile dyeing wastewater (pp. 147-158)
H. WANG, L. ZHANG, Preparation of hydrogel beads based on sodium alginate and aqueous extract from pomegranate peel and its cyanobacteria removal performance (pp. 159-167)
K. JANIAK, S. MIODOŃSKI, M. MUSZYŃSKI-HUHAJŁO, Failure of the side-stream deammonification process. Risk of violation of the WWTP effluent quality (pp. 169-179)


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