Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

H. C. YATMAZ, U. D. K. SEN, Photocatalytic efficiencies of alternate heterogeneous catalysts: Iron modified minerals and semiconductors for removal of an azo dye from solutions (pp. 5-16)
G. WU, T. CHEN, Y. JIA, D. SHEN, H. FENG, Y. LONG, Study of aluminum phosphide levels in waste fumigants from food shipments following simple immersion treatment (pp. 19-27)
W. SZCZEPANIAK, M. ZABŁOCKA-MALICKA, I. PASIECZNIK, P. POHL, P. RUTKOWSKI, Adsorption of La3+ and Dy3+ ions on biohydroxyapatite obtained from pork bones gasified with steam (pp. 29-40)
M. ABATAL, M. T. OLGUIN, Y. ABDELLAOUI, A. EL BOUARI, Sorption of Cd(II), Ni(II) and Zn(II) on natural, sodium-, and acid-modified clinoptilolite-rich tuff (pp. 41-59)
Y. XI, H. WANG, L. GUO, M. ZHANG, Utilization of cement and other additives for solidification/stabilization of soil contaminated simultaneously with Cd2+ and Pb2+ ions (pp. 61-73)
F. BENAISSA, C. N. MAESANO, R. ALKAMA, I. ANNESI-MAESANO, Analysis of PM concentrations in the urban area of Bejaia (pp. 75-84)
N. S. NATHAN, R. SARAVANANE, T. SUNDARARAJAN, Statistical evaluation of the effect of secondary municipal wastewater and solid waste leachate on ground water quality at Lawspet in Puducherry, India (pp. 85-102)
E. SZALINSKA, K. D’OBYRN, Long-term changes in surface and groundwater quality in the area of a municipal landfill (Barycz, Poland) (pp. 103-115)
A. GREINERT, M. DRAB, A. ŚLIWIŃSKA, Storage capacity of organic carbon in the reclaimed postmining technosols (pp. 117-127)
M. BLAGOJEVIĆ, M. PAPIĆ, M. VUJIČIĆ, M. ŠUĆUROVIĆ, Artificial neural network model for predicting air pollution. Case study of the Moravica district, Serbia (pp. 129-139)
A. KLIMONDA, I. KOWALSKA, Surfactant-aided membrane process for copper ion removal from water solutions (pp. 141-152)
B. CZAPLUK, R. RUTKOWSKI, J. RYBAK, Microfauna composition of activated sludge in domestic and industrial sewage activated sludge systems (pp. 153-166)
Ö. DEMIR, B. RASTGELDI, Treatment of the pistachio processing wastewater using Fenton’s, ultrasound with Fenton’s, and coagulation processes (pp. 167-180)


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