Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

S. YAVARI, A. MALAKAHMAD, N. B. SAPARI, Phytoremediation of urea fertilizer factory wastewater by teak (Tectona grandis) (pp. 5-15)
L. QIN, J. HAN, W. CHEN, Z. LIU, M. HE, F. XING, Enhancing SO2 removal efficiency by lime modified with sewage sludge in a novel integrated desulfurization process (pp. 17-27)
A. M. DOHDOH, A. M. ABOULFOTOH, Start-up performance of a mesophilic anaerobic digester without external inoculums (pp. 29-39)
L. XIA, R. LI, Y. XIAO, W. ZHENG, K. TAN, Removal of uranium(VI) from aqueous solution by rice husk (pp. 41-53)
F. LI, M. CHEN, Copper recovery from waste printed circuit boards and the correlation of Cu, Pb, Zn by ionic liquid (pp. 55-66)
H. NIU, G. ZHU, M. ZHU, X. LI, New application of D-?-A molecules as a sensor for recogni-tion of Cu2+ in polluted water (pp. 67-72)
A. ALSHAMERI, H. HE, A. S. DAWOOD, J. ZHU, Simultaneous removal of NH4+ and PO43- from simulated reclaimed waters by modified natural zeolite. Preparation, characterization and thermodynamics (pp. 73-92)
S. M. GHASEMI, A. MOHSENI-BANDPEI, M. GHADERPOORI, Y. FAKHRI, H. KERAMATI, M. TAGHAVI, B. MORADI, K. KARIMYAN, Application of modified maize hull for removal of Cu(II) ions from aqueous solutions (pp. 93-103)
J. LATOSIŃSKA, Influence of temperature and time of sewage sludge incineration on the mo-bility of heavy metals (pp. 105-122)
J. IQBAL, M. A. BAIG, Nitrogen and phosphorous removal from leachate by duckweed (Lemna minor) (pp. 123-134)
K. GRZESIK, Comparative environmental impact assessment of the landfilling and incinera-tion of residual waste in Krakow (pp. 135-148)
K. KU¦MIEREK, A. ¦WIˇTKOWSKI, L. DˇBEK, Removal of 2,4,6-trichlorophenol from aqueous solutions using agricultural waste as low-cost adsorbents (pp. 149-163)
M. WYSZKOWSKI, Effect of contamination with copper and mineral or organic amendments on the content of trace elements in soil (pp. 165-175)
S. SKONECZNY, Cellular automata as an effective tool for modelling of biofilm morphology (pp. 177-190)
C. P. DIAO, C. H. WEI, Fraction of heavy metals in sludges from typical coking wastewater treatment plants by modified BCR sequential extraction procedure (pp. 191-207)
O. O. OJURI, I. I. AKINWUMI, O. E. OLUWATUYI, Nigerian lateritic clay soils as hydraulic barri-ers to adsorb metals. Geotechnical characterization and chemical compatibility (pp. 209-222)
M. N. SAIDAN, K. RAWAJFEH, S. NASRALLAH, S. MERIC, A. MASHAL, Evaluation of factors af-fecting bulk chlorine decay kinetics for the Zai water supply system in Jordan. Case study (pp. 223-231)
I. SÓWKA, U. MILLER, A. GRZELKA, The application of dynamic olfactometry in evaluating the efficiency of purifying odorous gases by biofiltration (pp. 233-242)
V. GRUDIĆ, I. BO©KOVIĆ, ®. JAĆIMOVIĆ, Sorption kinetics of Cd(II) ions on fermented grape marc (pp. 243-252)
C. C. ZHANG, X. DUAN, Y. DING, C. SRINIVASAKANNAN, Influence of Ce3+ doping on the algal inhibiting properties of copper/sepiolite nanofibers (pp. 253-263)


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