Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

M. Ş. TANYILDIZI, Y. DEMIRCI, Adsorption of reactive Orange 4 on sesame stalks. Modeling, kinetics and equilibrium (pp. 5-20)
S. S. ALMAAROFI, A. A. Z. DOUABUL, H. BOYACIOGLU, H. BOYACIOGLU, Index and statistical methods in water management. A case study from the Mesopotamian marshes, Iraq (pp. 21-37)
D. A. YASEEN, M. SCHOLZ, Textile dye removal using experimental wetland ponds planted with common duckweed under semi-natural conditions (pp. 39-60)
H. WAN, B. N. WILSON, D. R. SCHMIDT, Biofilter model development for the removal of pollutants from feedlot runoff (pp. 61-80)
L. BAGD®IUNAITE-LITVINAITIENE, A. LITVINAITIS, Assessing the impact of the turbulence of river flow on variations in the concentrations of nutrients (pp. 81-91)
J. HU, D. WU, R. RAO, R. LIU, W. LAI, Adsorption kinetics of fluoride on bone char and its regeneration (pp. 93-112)
R. JUN, S. ZHEN, T. LING, H. JIANXIU, Speciation and contamination assessment of metals in the sediments from the Lanzhou section of the Yellow River, China (pp. 113-124)
F. J. BENÍTEZ, F. J. REAL, J. L. ACERO, F. CASAS, Use of ultrafiltration and nanofiltration processes for the elimination of three selected emerging contaminants: amitriptyline hydrochloride, methyl salicylate and 2-phenoxyethanol (pp. 125-141)
G. SAKSON, Efficiency of heavy metals removal during roof runoff infiltration through vegetated soil (pp. 143-154)
A. BARTKOWIAK, H. DˇBKOWSKA-NASKRĘT, J. LEMANOWICZ, A. SIWIK-ZIOMEK, Assessment of physicochemical and biochemical factors of urban street dust (pp. 155-164)
U. A. GULER, M. S. CEBECI, Potential of pumice modified with iron(III) for copper removal from aqueous solutions (pp. 165-180)
H. DˇBKOWSKA-NASKRĘT, H. JAWORSKA, A. BARTKOWIAK, Available and potentially available zinc in arable black earths (gleyic chernozems) under conventional soil management (pp. 181-188)
J. A. WI¦NIEWSKI, M. KABSCH-KORBUTOWICZ, Elimination of selected anions and cations from water by means of the Donnan dialysis (pp. 189-205)
F. VEISI, M. A. ZAZOULI, M. A. E. ZADEH, J. Y. CHARATI, A. S. DEZFULI, Effect of sunlight and ultraviolet radiation on the efficacy of Fe-doped titanium dioxide (Fe-TiO2) nanoparticles for the removal of furfural from aqueous solutions (pp. 207-224)
H. ZOU, Y. WANG, Denitrifying phosphorus accumulating organisms enrichment and their characteristics in a denitrifying enhanced biological phosphorus removal system (pp. 225-237)
M. WOLSKA, Effects of UV irradiation on biodegradability of natural organic matter (pp. 239-246)
Y. P. LIM, M. EL-HARBAWI, C. YIN, Treatment of effluent (skim latex serum) from a rubber processing plant with Fenton’s reagent (pp. 247-254)
P. GHOSH, D. GHIME, D. LUNIA, Degradation of p-aminophenol by Fenton’s process. Influence of operational parameters (pp. 255-267)
D. LEWANDOWSKA, E. DEN BOER, Economic efficiency of processing biodegradable waste in dry anaerobic digestion and composting technologies under the Polish market conditions (pp. 269-286)
I. PASIECZNIK, K. BANASZKIEWICZ, Ł. SYSKA, Local community e-waste awareness and behavior. Polish case study (pp. 287-303)


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