Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

A. KLIMONDA, M. GRZEGORZEK, K. MAJEWSKA-NOWAK, Removal of fluoride ions by ultrafiltration in the presence of cationic surfactants (pp. 5-13)
M. DUDZIAK, D. KOPAŃSKA, Indirect effect of made grounds on the aquatic flora and fauna (pp. 15-24)
J. NAUMCZYK, P. MARCINOWSKI, J. BOGACKI, Treatment of highly polluted cosmetic wastewater (pp. 25-40)
R. BICZAK, B. PAWŁOWSKA, K. TOMCZUK, J. FEDER-KUBIS, The effect of ionic liquids with the tetrafluoroborate anion on terrestrial plants (pp. 41-52)
E. KULICZKOWSKA, Environmental and structural risk assessment of long operated vitrified clay sewers (pp. 53-67)
Y. TUNALI, S. ERTUNÇ, Use of natural soda ash production process waste for SO2 removal (pp. 69-80)
K. LAI, S. LIM, P. TEH, K. YEAP, Effects of potential level, rotation speed and electrode gap on food waste recovery using an electrostatic separator (pp. 81-92)
P. KANCHANAPIYA, K. JANTHARADEJ, O. CHAVANPARIT, Performance of precast anaerobic diges-tion tank combined with a food waste disposer system. A case study of household food waste in Thailand (pp. 93-108)
A. D. ATASOY, M. I. YESILNACAR, Assessment of iron oxide and local cement clay as potential fluoride adsorbents (pp.109-118)
Y. XIN, J. SHEN, B. WANG, X. ZHU, Y. WANG, G. WANG, Q. CHEN, Effects of vinasse and silica mud on the performance of thermophilic fermentation of brewery sludge from brewery waste substrates (pp. 119-127)
A. WÓJCIKOWSKA-KAPUSTA, D. URBAN, S. BARAN, M. BIK-MAŁODZIŃSKA, G. ŻUKOWSKA, A. PAWŁOWSKI, A. CZECHOWSKA-KOSACKA, Evaluation of the influence of composts made of sewage sludge, ash from power plant, and sawdust on floristic composition of plant communities in the plot experiment (pp. 129-141)
A. BARAN, J. ANTONKIEWICZ, Phytotoxicity and extractability of heavy metals from industrial wastes (pp. 143-155)
M. CZARNECKA, J. NIDZGORSKA-LENCEWICZ, The impact of thermal inversion on the variability of PM10 concentration in winter seasons in Tricity (pp.157-172)
A. BIELSKI, W. ZYMON, Filter beds supplemented with powdered activated carbon (pp. 173-191)


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