Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

H. DU, F. LI, K. HUANG, W. LI, C. FENG, Potato waste treatment by microbial fuel cell. Evaluation based on electricity generation, organic matter removal and microbial structure (pp. 5-18)
G.  TÓTH, É. LÖVITUSZ, N. NEMESTÓTHY, K. BÉLAFI-BAKÓ, Microbial hydrogen sulfide elimination in a continuous biotrickling reactor by immobilized Thiobacillus thioparus (pp. 19-30)
B.  KAMIŃSKA, A. SKWIERAWSKA, K. KOZŁOWSKA-TYLINGO, R. TOMCZAK-WANDZEL, A. PAZIK, K. MAJEWSKA, Advanced oxidation treatment of pentoxifylline in aqueous solutions (pp. 31-47)
E.  KOWALSKA, E. PATUREJ, M. ZIELIŃSKA, The impact of food on the growth of clones of Lecane inermis, a potential bulking control agent (pp. 49-57)
M. ARABAMERI, A. JAVID, A. ROUDBARI, Artificial neural network (ANN) modeling of COD reduction from landfill leachate by the ultrasonic process (pp. 59-73)
C.-C. HWANG, C.-H. WENG, Key factors contributing to simultaneous nitrification-denitrification in a biological aerated filter system using oyster shell medium (pp. 75-86)
H.  RADECHOVSKA, P. SVEHLA, J. RADECHOVSKY, L. PACEK, J. BALIK, The influence of temperature fluctuation on the stability of partial nitritation applied for reject water treatment (pp. 87-99)
D.  KRÓL, S. POSKROBKO, Combusting fuel formed from waste. Reduction in emission of chromium, nickel and lead (pp. 101-112)
A.  BIAŁOWIEC, M. SIUDAK, B. JAKUBOWSKI, D. WI¦NIEWSKI, The influence of leachate recirculation on biogas production in a landfill bioreactor (pp. 113-120)
E.  SZAREK-GWIAZDA, D. CISZEWSKI, Variability of heavy metal concentrations in waters of fishponds affected by the former lead and zinc mine in Southern Poland (pp. 121-136)
W. ROGULA-KOZŁOWSKA, G. MAJEWSKI, P. O. CZECHOWSKI, P. ROGULA-KOPIEC, Analysis of the data set from a two-year observation of the ambient water-soluble ions bound to four particulate matter fractions in an urban background site in Southern Poland (pp. 137-149)
M. STRĘK, A. TELESIŃSKI, Effect of selenium application on some oxidoreductive enzymes in loamy sand contaminated with diesel oil (pp. 151-160)
B. KOSTURA, R. DVORSKY, J. KUKUTSCHOVÁ, S. ŠTUDENTOVÁ, J. BEDNÁŘ, P. MANČÍK, Preparation of sorbent with a high active sorption surface based on blast furnace slag for phosphate removal from wastewater (pp. 161-168)
H.-J. LEE, S.-T. ONG, Immobilization of rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum) peel as a sorbent for Basic Fuchsin removal (pp. 169-181)
E.  AZIZI, M. FAZLZADEH, M. GHAYEBZADEH, L. HEMATI, M. BEIKMOHAMMADI, H. R. GHAFFARI, H. R. ZAKERI, K. SHARAFI, Application of advanced oxidation process (H2O2/UV) for removal of organic materials from pharmaceutical industry effluent (pp. 183-191)


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