Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

E. MALINOWSKA, Zinc speciation in soil under various rates of sewage sludge and liming (pp. 5-15)
P. GIERYCZ, S. K. MALANOWSKI, M. WSZELAKA-RYLIK, W. T. KACPERSKI, D. KOWALCZYK, R. ¦WIETLIK, Wind rose and modelling of the fate of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons in the Central Poland (pp. 1 -35)
Y. ZHANG, X. JIN, W. LUO, Influence of spreading cultivation with food waste culture medium on the degradation of organophosphorus pesticides by a microbial consortium OP-1 (pp. 37-48)
A. ZIEMBIŃSKA-BUCZYŃSKA, G. CEMA, A. MERESTA, L. PŁONKA, Influence of the duration of feed-ing phase on the genotypic structure of bacterial communities in two sequencing batch reactors treating reject water by partial nitritation and anammox (pp. 49-63)
D. MOHSEN, N. SAEID, S. HAJER, N. PYRASTEH, Quality assessment of 30 various brands of bottled drinking waters in Iran (pp. 65-73)
P. E. NAMIN, Adsorption of copper, cobalt, and manganese ions from aqueous solutions using oxidized multi-walled carbon nanotubes (pp. 75-85)
E. E. ÖZBAŞ, H. K. ÖZCAN, A. ONGEN, Efficiency of MSW compost for reducing uptake of heavy metals by plant (pp. 87-96)
Z. MUCHA, A. GENEROWICZ, W. WÓJCIK, K. JÓ¬WIAKOWSKI, S. BARAN, Application of multi-criterial analysis to evaluate the method of utilization of sludge from small wastewater treatment plants with sustainable development of rural areas (pp. 97-105)
A. M. O. KHAIRALLA, L. XIWU, J. L. LADU, Z. WENBO, Performance analysis of the horizontal sub-surface flow constructed wetland under different hydraulic loading rates for rural domestic wastewater treatment (pp. 107-121)
T. SUPONIK, Study of precipitates formed on iron reactors following the removal of copper from water (pp. 123-135)
S. WOLCOTT, P. MARTIN, J. GOLDOWITZ, S. SADEGHI, Performance of green wall treatment of brewery wastewater (pp. 137-149)
J. FISKARI, A. KAKKONEN, H. PAKKANEN, R. ALÉN, A comparative study of advanced oxidative processes. Degradation of chlorinated organic compounds in ultrafiltration fractions of kraft pulp bleaching effluent (pp. 151-159)
G. KAMIŃSKA, J. BOHDZIEWICZ, Potential of various materials for adsorption of micropollutants from wastewater (pp. 161-178)
A. CZAPLICKA, S. BAZAN, E. SZAREK-GWIAZDA, Z. ¦LUSARCZYK, Spatial distribution of manganese and iron in sediments of the Czorsztyn Reservoir (pp. 179-188)


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