Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

E.  KALIPCI, Removal of methylene blue from aqueous solutions with natural olive pomace modified with ultrasounds and acid (pp. 5-17)
W. P. CHENG, P. H. CHEN, D. R. TIAN, R. F. YU, C. H. FU, Use of nanofiltration membranes to concentrate and recover leached aluminum from acidified water treatment sludge (pp. 19-32)
B.  PIECZYKOLAN, I. PŁONKA,  M. KOSEL, Changes of the quality of activated sludge during the biological treatment of landfill leachate (pp. 33-42)
G. GUAN, Z. ZHICAI, J. JUN, F. FAN, C. KEPING, Disintegration of sludge by a two-stage treatment with hydrogen peroxide and solid-state fermentation by Aspergillus oryzae CGMCC5992 (pp. 43-54)
L.  ZHANG, J. YANG, Microbial communities and relationship with biofilm spatial distributions in subsurface wastewater infiltration systems (pp. 55-69)
L.  KOS, J. SÓJKA-LEDAKOWICZ, K. MICHALSKA, J. PERKOWSKI, Decomposition of pollutants in textile wastewater during the Fenton process in the presence of iron nanocompounds (pp. 71-83)
A.  Ç. KÖNE, T. BÜKE, The impact of changing energy mix of Turkey on CO2 emission intensities (pp.   85-93)
M. JUSZCZAK, Comparison of CO and NOx concentrations from a 20 kW boiler for periodic and constant wood pellet supply (pp. 95-107)
R.  WÓJTOWICZ, P. WOLAK, An example of the use of computational-fluid-dynamics analysis for simulation of two-phase flow in a cyclone with a tangential inlet (pp. 109-123)
J.  BUJAK, Gaseous pollutant emissions from burning animal by-products (pp. 125-141)
I.   SÓWKA, U. MILLER, P. SOBCZYŃSKI, Dynamic olfactometry and modelling as methods for the assessment of odour impact of public utility objects (pp. 143-152)
A.  HOŁTRA, D. ZAMORSKA-WOJDYŁA, The environmental pollution with copper and zinc along the communication routes in Wrocław, Poland (pp. 153-165)
M. ZIELINA, Monitoring particle size distribution for water treatment processes (pp. 167-177)
A.  MALEK, B. BENOTMANE, C. ARIBI, M. HACHEMI, Chemical transformation of chromed leather wastes into environmentally harmless fibrous biomass (pp. 179-192)


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