Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

T.  KOTOWSKI, S. SATORA, Analysis of the spatial variability of the concentrations of Na+ and K+  ions in the groundwater sourced in Southern Poland (pp. 5-18)
A.  KRASIŃSKI, Separation of oil-in-water emulsions using polymer coalescence structures (pp. 19-39)
I.   ZIMOCH, J. SZYMIK-GRALEWSKA, Improving the operation of a surface water intake with exceeded redundant capacity using reliability analysis and life cycle costing (pp. 41-53)
A.  AYOB, R. SANTIAGOO, W. A. AMNEERA, N. ISMAIL, A. Z. ABDULLAH, Ultrasonic-assisted synthesis of reactive carboxymethyl cellulose stabilized nano zero-valent iron  and its application for removal of Cr6+ and Cu2+ ions (pp. 55-79)
M. MUREŞEANU, I. TRANDAFIR, C. BĂBEANU, V. PÂRVULESCU, G. PĂUN, Laccase immobilized on mesoporous silica supports as an efficient system for wastewater bioremediation (pp. 81-95)
J.  GĘBICKI, T. DYMERSKI, J. NAMIEŚNIK, Application of ultrafast gas chromatography to recognize odor nuisance (pp. 97-106)
J.  W. BUJAK, Energy saving and abatement of gas emission in the wood industry (pp. 107-124)
M. GŁOMBA, A. HAŁAT, W. KORDYLEWSKI, D. ŁUSZKIEWICZ, Research on products of simultaneous removal of SO2 and NOx from flue gas by ozonation and alkaline absorption (pp. 125-136)
A.  LIGOCKA, Z. PALUSZAK, W. GUT, Composting and anaerobic digestion technologies as methods for reduction of virus transmission in the environment (pp. 137-144)
E.  ERBANOVÁ, J. PALARČÍK, M. SLEZÁK, P. MIKULÁŠEK, Removal of nitrates from wastewater using pond bottom soil (pp. 145-154)
K. GUNGOR, A. ALKAN-OZKAYNAK, K. G. KARTHIKEYAN, F. EVRENDILEK, S. GUNASEKARAN, Modeling of solubilization dynamics of manure organic matter and phosphorus as a function of pH control and enzyme supplementation (pp. 155-170)
W. DUAN, C. LING, D. FU, X. XU, Influence of application of attapulgite on the structure and composition of self-dynamic membrane in bioreactors (pp. 171-182)
A.  URBANOWSKA, M. KABSCH-KORBUTOWICZ, Characteristics of natural organic matter removed from water along with its treatment (pp. 183-195)
A. ŚWIERCZYŃSKA, J. BOHDZIEWICZ, G. KAMIŃSKA, K. WOJCIECHOWSKI, Influence of the type of membrane-forming polymer on the membrane fouling (pp. 197-210)


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