Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

Q.  Z. ZHAI, W.-H. HU, X.-Y. GUO, Adsorptive performance of MCM-41 towards Hg(II) in water. Adsorption and desorption studies (pp. 5-15)
F.  PISTELOK, A. POHL, B. WIERA, T. STUCZYŃSKI, Using the ATP test in wastewater treatment  in the Silesia Province (pp. 17-32)
M. GRABAS, J. TOMASZEK, E. CZERWIENIEC, A. MASŁOŃ, J. ŁUCZYSZYN, Application of a biopreparation with cultures of effective microorganisms to the processing of wastewater sludge on a semi-industrial scale (pp. 33-44)
B.  B. AŞIK, C. AYDINALP, F. O. T. ŞAGBAN, A. V. KATKAT, Agricultural use of wastewater sludge from various sources with special emphasis on total and DTPA-extractable heavy metal content (pp. 45-58)
B.  LIAO, S. H. JUANG, H. LIN, A new design of wet scrubber for removal of fine particles from exhaust gas (pp. 59-70)
L.  SAMEK, A. GDOWIK, J. OGAREK, L. FURMAN, Elemental composition and rough source apportionment of fine particulate matter in air in Cracow, Poland (pp. 71-83)
J.   BUJAK, P. SITARZ, Reduction of NOx and CO emissions through the optimization of incineration parameters in a rotary kiln (pp. 85-100)
B.  MICHALSKI, K. SIELICKI, M. LEONOWICZ,  M. SZYMAŃSKI, Z. MIAZGA, Chemical composition and phase constitution of recycled metals from computer scrap (pp. 101-112)
P.  PRATHAP, D. SENTHILKUMARAN, Reduction of environmental impact by incorporating performance oriented life cycle assessment (pp. 113-122)
G.  DEMIR, U. E. KOLAY, H. E. OKTEN, U. ALYUZ, C. BAYAT, Selection of alternative landfill location by using a geographical information system. European side of Istanbul. Case study (pp. 123-133)
S.  LV, Z. LIANG, X. LI, H. FAN, Y. ZEN, Investigation on biomass performance of a submerged membrane bioreactor for treating soy sauce wastewater (pp. 135-148)
A.  NAGHIZADEH, R. NABIZADEH, Removal of reactive blue 29 dye by adsorption on modified chitosan  in the presence of hydrogen peroxide (pp. 149-168)
J.   SOBIK-SZOŁTYSEK, J. BIEŃ, A. GROSSER, Assessment of the sorption properties of materials proposed for the construction of insulation barriers (pp. 169-189)
M. ALWAELI, End-of-life vehicles recovery and recycling and the route to comply with EU directive targets (pp. 191-202)


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