Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

A.  MUSZ, M. K. WIDOMSKI, B. KOWALSKA, Benzene propagation during turbulent flow in PEHD water supply pipes (pp. 5-16)
A.  ZENDELSKA, M. GOLOMEOVA, K. BLAZEV, B. KRSTEV, B. GOLOMEOV, A. KRSTEV, Adsorption of copper ions from aqueous solutions on natural zeolite (pp. 17-36)
E.  PORA, J. KASZUBKIEWICZ, D. KAWAŁKO, Selected methodological aspects of determination of the water desorption curves of superabsorbents (pp. 37-48)
Z.  ZAINUDIN, A. S. AZMI, D. N. JIMAT, P. JAMAL, Determination of waste assimilative capacity (WAC) of rivers located within the Desaru Region, Johor (pp. 49-60)
I.   KOWALSKA, Unit and integrated membrane operations for purification of spent single-phase detergent  (pp. 61-70)
H. OBARSKA-PEMPKOWIAK, M. GAJEWSKA, E. WOJCIECHOWSKA, K. KOŁECKA, Sewage gardens – constructed wetlands for single family households (pp. 71-82)
D.  BORUSZKO, A. BUTAREWICZ, Impact of effective microorganisms bacteria on low-input sewage sludge treatment (pp. 83-96)
M. LECH, A. TRUSEK-HOLOWNIA, Biodegradation of whey waste in a continuous stirred-tank bioreactor (pp. 97-107)
K. PRUEKSAKORN, T.-H. KIM, Investigation of an odor source in Changwon City using multi-monitoring methods. A case study of Korea (pp. 109-130)
M. A. ZYTOON, A. H. EL-SHAZLY, M. H. NOWEIR, A. A. AL-ZAHRANI, Biological treatment of hydrogen sulfide in an airlift bioreactor with direct gas injection (pp. 131-142)
T.  MI, J. HAN, X. HE, L. QIN, Investigation of HFC-134a decomposition by combustion and its kinetic characteristics in a laboratory scale reactor (pp. 143-150)
P.  KANCHANAPIYA, W. PINYO, S. JAREEMIT, S. KWONPONGSAGOON, Recycling of non-metallic powder from printed circuit board waste as a filler material in a fiber reinforced polymer (pp. 151-166)
Z.  KOWALSKI, A. GENEROWICZ, A. MAKARA, J. KULCZYCKA, Evaluation of municipal waste landfilling using the technology quality assessment method (pp. 167-179)
M. ALWAELI, An overview of municipal solid waste management in Poland. The current situation, problems and challenges (pp. 181-193)
C.  FANG, T. ZHANG, A. CZECHOWSKA-KOSACKA, A. PAWLOWSKI, G. ŁAGÓD, R. JIANG, Q. WANG, Estimation of phosphorus recovery by struvite crystallization from animal manure wastewater in China (pp. 195-207)


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