Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

P.  WOLSKI, I. ZAWIEJA, Susceptibility of conditioned excess sewage sludge to biodegradation and dewatering (pp. 5-17)
M. GAJEWSKA, Influence of composition of raw wastewater on removal of nitrogen compounds in multistage treatment wetlands (pp. 19-30)
S.-Y. ZHANG, G. LI, X.-L. LI, L. TAO, Four stage hybrid constructed wetlands treating low strength aquaculture wastewater with and without artificial aeration (pp. 31-42)
A.  AHSAN, M. ALAMGIR, M. IMTEAZ, S. SHAMS, M. K. ROWSHON, M. G. AZIZ, S. IDRUS, Municipal solid waste generation, composition and management: issues and challenges. A case study (pp. 43-59)
S.-D. KIM, H.-S. DHO, S.-J. LEE, Contamination of soil with heavy metals drained out from abandoned mines in the south-west region of Korea (pp. 61-72)
S.-Y. OH, M.-K. YOON, Degradations of 2,4-dichlorophenol and polychlorinated biphenyls with zero valent iron under subcritical conditions. Importance of subcritical water oxidation (pp. 75-86)
W. JERZAK, Z. KALICKA, E. KAWECKA- CEBULA, On CO and NOx emission in the kinetic combustion of propane/natural gas mixtures (pp. 87-100)
M. ZIELINA, W. DˇBROWSKI, R. I. MACKIE, Laboratory and numerical experiments into efficient management of VDR filter plants (pp. 101-120)
R. NABIZADEH, K. NADDAFI, M. KHAZAEI, R. F. FARD, H. IZANLOO, Z. YAVARI, Upgrading the effluent quality of an aerated lagoon with horizontal roughing filtration (pp. 121-136)
H.  E. ÖKTEN, A. CORUM, H. H. DEMIR, A comparative economic analysis for medical waste treatment options (pp. 137-145)
A.  HOŁTRA, D. ZAMORSKA-WOJDYŁA, Assessment of the physiological condition of Salvinia natans L. exposed to copper(II) ions (pp. 147-158)
D. ANDERS, M. ALWAELI, Application of post-filtered diatomaceous earth from brewing industry in composting (pp. 159-172)
A. SZCZUREK, M. MACIEJEWSKA, T. PIETRUCHA, Empirical cumulative distribution function of CO2 concentration increments as a descriptor of indoor air variability (pp. 173-187)


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