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Environment Protection Engineering

I. NIKOLIĆ, M. TADIĆ, D. ĐUROVIĆ, R. ZEJAK, B. MUGOŠA, Stabilization/solidification of spent grit in fly ash based geopolymers (pp. 5-14)
W. ROGULA-KOZŁOWSKA, Chemical composition and mass closure of ambient particulate matter at a crossroads and a highway in Katowice, Poland (pp. 15-29)
P. KANCHANAPIYA, N. JULAPUN, N. LIMPHITAKPHONG, C. PHARINO, O. CHAVANPARIT, Evaluation of emission and reduction of greenhouse gases from Upstream Petrochemical Industry in Thailand (pp. 31-46)
M. KAHVAND, N. GHEITARANI, M. KHANIAN, R. GHADARJANI, Urban solid waste landfill selection by SDSS. Case study: Hamadan (pp. 47-56)
J. MARTINHO, B. CAMPOS, I. BRÁS, E. SILVA, The role of compost properties in sorption of heavy metals (pp. 57-65)
A. S. RAMAMURTHY, Z. CHEN, X. LI, M. AZMAL, Surfactant assisted removal of engine oil from synthetic soil (pp. 67-79)
M. ROGULSKI, Environmental fees. Polish case study (pp. 81-97)
L. WOLNY, Dewatering of conditioned sludge in small wastewater treatment plants (pp. 99-105)
J. GAWDZIK, J. DŁUGOSZ, M. URBANIAK, General characteristics of the quantity and quality of sewage sludge from selected wastewater treatment plants in the Świętokrzyskie Province (pp. 107-117)
J. BOHDZIEWICZ, G. KAMIŃSKA, M. PAWLYTA, D. ŁUKOWIEC, Comparison of effectiveness of advanced treatment of municipal wastewater by sorption and nanofiltration. Separate processes and integrated systems (pp. 119-132)
H. GOLESTANIFAR, B. HAIBATI, H. AMINI, M.H. DEHGHANI, A. ASADI, Removal of hexavalent chromium from aqueous solution by adsorption on g-alumina nanoparticles (pp. 133-145)
M. WOLSKA, Biological stability of water in water distribution systems. The effect of water treatment trials (pp. 147-157)
M. ŠÍR, M. PODHOLA, T. PATOČKA, Z. HONZAJKOVÁ, P. KOCUREK, M. BYSTRIANSKÝ, R. VURM, M. KUBAL, Removal of pesticides and inorganic pollutants by reverse osmosis (pp. 159-166)
J. GÓRNA, K. MAJEWSKA-NOWAK, Removal of inorganic nitrogen and phosphorous compounds from two-component aqueous solutions by micellar-enhanced ultrafiltration (pp. 167-178)
W. CIEŻAK, J. CIEŻAK, Routine forecasting of the daily profiles of hourly water distribution in cities. An effectiveness analysis (pp. 179-186)


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