Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

J.   GUMIŃSKA, M. KŁOS, Effect of polyaluminium chlorides overdosage on effectiveness of coagulation and filtration (pp. 5-14)
T.  SUPONIK, Zero-valent iron for removal of inorganic contaminants from low pH water (pp. 15-27)
M. RAJCA, Impact of the water composition on the degradation kinetics of natural organic matter in photocatalytic membrane reactors (pp. 29-39)
A. ŚWIERCZYŃSKA, J. BOHDZIEWICZ, Determination of the most effective operating conditions of membrane bioreactor used to industrial wastewater treatment (pp. 41-51)
B.  THAÇI, S. GASHI, N. DACI, M. DACI, A. DYLHASI, Effect of modified coal through chemical activation process on performance of heterogeneous reverse osmosis membranes (pp. 53-65)
K. MAJEWSKA-NOWAK, M. GRZEGORZEK, M. KABSCH-KORBUTOWICZ, Removal of fluoride ions by batch electrodialysis (pp. 67-81)
I.   A. TALALAJ, Release of heavy metals from waste into leachate  in active solid waste landfill (pp. 83-93)
H. SMAL, S. LIGĘZA, S. BARAN, A. WÓJCIKOWSKA-KAPUSTA, Quantity and quality of organic carbon in bottom sediments of two upland dam reservoirs in Poland (pp. 95-110)
M. VAVERKOVÁ, D. ADAMCOVÁ, Emission assessment at the Štěpánovice municipal landfill focusing on CO2 emissions (pp. 111-123)
K. SAIRAM, A. GOPINATH, R. VELRAJ, Environmental emissions and efficiency of a direct injection diesel engine fueled with various fatty acid methyl esters (pp. 125-135)
A. MROZIK, Ż. SWĘDZIOŁ, S. MIGA, Comparative study of phenol degradation with a wild-type and genetically modified  P. vesicularis (pBR322). Plasmid stability and fame profiling (pp. 137-155)
M. KRAWCZYŃSKA, B. KOŁWZAN, K. GEDIGA, A. M. DZIUBEK, K. GRABAS, E. KARPENKO, Evaluation of the possibility of phytostabilization of post-flotation tailing ponds (pp. 157-167)


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