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Environment Protection Engineering

M. HAWROT-PAW, T. B°KOWSKA, Growth and development of selected plant species in the phytoremediation of diesel oil contaminated soil (pp. 5-13)
M. TOMKIEL, J. WYSZKOWSKA, J. KUCHARSKI, M. BA∆MAGA, A. BOROWIK, Response of microorganisms and enzymes to soil contamination with the herbicide Successor T 550 (pp. 15-27)
A. CZAPLICKA-KOTAS, J. LODOWSKA, Biomonitoring of surface water by synchronous culture of Chlorella vulgaris algae (pp. 29-40)
A. HO£TRA, D. ZAMORSKA-WOJDY£A, Bioaccumulation capacities of copper(II) ions in Salvinia natans (pp. 41-51)
K. BUDZI—SKA, B. SZEJNIUK, A. JUREK, A. TRACZYKOWSKI, M. MICHALSKA, K. BERLE∆, Effectiveness of removing microbial pollutants from wastewater by the activated sludge method (pp. 53-67)
M. £EBKOWSKA, M. ZA£ SKA-RADZIWI££, Selected problems of the utilization of wastewater from wood industry by biological processes (pp. 69-75)
K. BORYCZKO, B. TCHÓRZEWSKA-CIE¶LAK, Analysis of risk of failure in water main pipe network and of delivering poor quality water (pp. 77-92)
A. SAMIDE, B. TUTUNARU, C. TIGAE, R. EFREM, A. MOANř√, M. DR√GOI, Removal of methylene blue and methyl blue from wastewater by electrochemical degradation (pp. 93-104)
B. TABI¶, S. SKONECZNY, Apparent elimination of inhibition phenomenon caused by proper design of a bubble tank bioreactor (pp. 105-117)
G. VARANK, A. DEMIR, M. S. BILGILI, S. TOP, E. SEKMAN, S. YAZICI, H. S. ERKAN, Investigation of sorption characteristics of anaerobically digested dewatered municipal sewage sludge (pp. 119-133)
U. GABRIEL-PÓ£ROLNICZAK, D. SZANIAWSKA, K. ∆WIRKO, Influence of pH on permeability of ceramic membranes and selectivity in ultrafiltration of model BSA and myoglobin solutions (pp. 135-141)
G. MANOHAR, S. P. DEVI, K. S. RAO, Evaluation of policies to reduce transportation pollution using system dynamics (pp. 143-153)


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