Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

M. CZAPLICKA, Polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans as products of photodegradation of chlorophenols (pp. 5-16)
A. N. YAPICI, Ş. TAYYAR, Effects of pretanning effluent originated from leather industry on the germination of rice seeds (pp. 17-28)
T.  ZHANG, C. FANG, P. LI, R. JIANG, Application of struvite process for nutrient recovery from anaerobic digesters of livestock wastewater (pp. 29-42)
G. VARANK, A. DEMIR, M. S. BILGILI, S. TOP, E. SEKMAN, S. YAZICI, H. S. ERKAN, Equilibrium and kinetic studies on the removal of heavy metal ions with natural low-cost adsorbents (pp. 43-61)
L.  SMOCZYŃSKI, K. T. MUŃSKA, M. KOSOBUCKA, B. PIEROŻYŃSKI, Phosphorus and COD removal from chemically and electrochemically coagulated wastewater (pp. 63-73)
M. R. F. TEHRANI, M. VOSSOUGHI, A. SHAMSAI, In-situ nitrate remediation using nano iron/nickel particles (pp. 75-86)
M. STEFANOVA, R. CHUTURKOVA, Catalytic reduction of nitrous oxide at a nitric acid plant in Bulgaria (pp. 87-97)
S.  CIEŚLAK, K. GAJ, Hazards of uncontrolled methane release from clathrates analyse and environmental evaluation of extraction methods (pp. 99-111)
M. GŁOMBA, W. KORDYLEWSKI, Simultaneous removal of NOx, SO2, CO and Hg from flue gas by ozonation. Pilot plant studies (pp. 113-125)
M. KALENIK, Experimental investigations of interface valve flow capacity in the RoeVac type vacuum sewage system (pp. 127-138)
A. M. ABDEL-GHANY, I. M. AL-HELAL, M. R. SHADY, Evaluation of human thermal comfort and heat stress in an outdoor urban setting in summer under arid climatic conditions (pp. 139-150)
M. DOMAŃSKA, R. KUHN, J. ŁOMOTOWSKI, E. STAŃCZYK, FISH method for identification of microbes in wastewater distribution systems (pp. 151-160)
E. BEZAK-MAZUR, A. MAZUR, R. STOIŃSKA, Phosphorus speciation in sewage sludge (pp. 161-175)



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