Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

J.   KYZIOŁ-KOMOSIŃSKA, C. ROSIK-DULEWSKA, A. DZIENISZEWSKA, M. PAJˇK, I. KRZYŻEWSKA, Removal of Cr(III) ions from water and wastewater by sorption onto peats and clays occurring in an overburden of lignite beds in central Poland (pp. 5-22)
M. SIMONETTI, G. ROSSI, V. CABBAI, D. GOI, Tests on the effect of ultrasonic treatment on two different activated sludge waste  (pp. 23-34)
C.  SONG, A. PAWŁOWSKI, J. JI, S. SHAN, Y. CAO, Catalytic pyrolysis of rice straw and product analysis (pp. 35-43)
A. XIE, S. LUO, Y. CHAOYAO, Preparation of titanium dioxide/attapulgite composites and their application in treating Reactive Black KN-B wastewater (pp. 45-56)
K. P. BANASZKIEWICZ, T.A. MARCINKOWSKI, Cementation as a method of remediation of soil contaminated with xylene (pp. 57-66)
Z.  HAIMING, L. XIWU, S. ABUALHAIL, S. JING, G. QIAN, Enrichment of PAO and DPAO responsible for phosphorus removal at low temperature (pp. 67-83)
G. N. POPA, I. ŞORA, C.M. DINIŞ, S.I. DEACONU, An analysis on the velocity of dust particles in the plate-type electrostatic precipitators used in thermoelectric power plants (pp. 85-102)
J.   GĘBICKI, T. DYMERSKI, S. RUTKOWSKI, Identification of odor of volatile organic compounds using classical sensory analysis and electronic nose technique (pp. 103-116)
Z.  -X. TAN, P. AI, Y.-M. LI, X.-Y. JI, W. FENG, Investigation on co-pyrolysis of sewage sludge with coal (pp. 117-126)
N. AYCAN, N. G. TURAN, O. OZGONENEL, Optimization of process parameters for composting of pulp/paper mill sludge with  hazelnut kernel using a statistical method (pp. 127-138)
J.   LIU, D. FAN, L. WANG, L. SHI, J. DING,Y. CHEN, S. SHEN, Effects of ZnO, CuO, Au, and TiO2 nanoparticles on Daphnia magna and early life stages of zebrafish Danio rerio (pp. 139-149)
A. WĘGRZYN, S. ŻABCZYŃSKI, Monitoring of bacterial biodiversity in anaerobic membrane bioreactors (AnMBRs) dealing with wastewater containing X-ray contrast media compounds (pp. 151-164)
M. SITARSKA, T. M. TRACZEWSKA,  A. STANICKA-ŁOTOCKA, V. FILYAROVSKAYA, D. ZAMORSKA-WOJDYŁA, Accumulation of mercury in the biomass of selected pleustophytes (pp. 165-174)



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