Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

M. H. DEHGHANI, A. FADAEI, Sonodegradation of organophosphorus pesticides in water (pp. 5-14)
H. OH, T. URASE, D. SIMAZAKI, H. KIM, Effect of natural organic matter on adsorption of ionic and non-ionic pharmaceuticals to granular activated carbon (pp. 15-28)
M. KARGAR, R. NABIZADEH, K. NADDAFI, S. NASSERI, A. MESDAGHINIA, A.H. MAHVI, M. ALIMOHAMMADI, S. NAZMARA, Kinetics of degradation of perchloroethylene under ultra-sonic irradiation and photooxidation in aqueous solution (pp. 29-38)
R. TOMCZAK-WANDZEL, K. MĘDRZYCKA, Preparation, composition and properties of fish silage produced with post-coagulation sludge (pp. 39-49)
K. PIASKOWSKI, R. NOWAK, The effect of products of adhesive wastewater oxidation with Fen-ton’s reagent on biological treatment in SBR (pp. 51-62)
H. ZHOU, Q. ZHANG, Q. ZHANG, L. MA, B. TU, H. LI, Y. ZHOU, Removal of clofibric acid and diclofenac during anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge (pp. 63-77)
M. EKŞI, A field study to evaluate the runoff quantity and stormwater retention of a typical exten-sive green roof in Bahçeköy, Istanbul (pp. 79-89)
L. SAMEK, A. ZWO¬DZIAK, I. SÓWKA, Chemical characterization and source identification of particulate matter PM10 in a rural and urban site in Poland (pp. 91-103)
A. ROODBARI, K. NADDAFI, A. JAVID, Measurements of bioaerosols in the air around the facilities of waste collection and disposal (pp. 105-112)
K. SAIRAM, A. GOPINATH, R. VELRAJ, A comparative study on environmental emissions and per-formance of a stationary type diesel engine fuelled with biodiesels derived from two different feedstocks (pp. 113-124)
P. P. PIĘTA, A. SZCZERBA, J.I. DOBROCZYŃSKA, K. GRABAS, Application of an aptamer and a reagent based on gold nanoparticles for detection of Escherichia coli (pp. 125-133)
T. STYPKA, A. FLAGA-MARYAŃCZYK, Comparative analysis of municipal solid waste systems: Cracow case study (pp. 135-153)




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