Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

P. GHORBANNEZHAD, M. AZIZI, C. RAY, C. YOO, O. RAMAZANI, Application of sensitivity analysis for assessment of energy and environmental alternatives in the manufacture by using analytic hierarchy process (pp. 5-20)
S. ULAGANATHAN, V. GOVINDAN, Removal of chromium from aqueous solutions  using Derris indica wood based activated carbon. Adsorption batch studies (pp. 21-29)
L. SONG, T. CHEN, D. CHEN, Y. CHEN, J. XIE, H. LIU, Catalytic decomposition of toluene over La1–xSrxMnO3/palygorskite synthesized catalysts (pp. 31-42)
K. GRZESIK-WOJTYSIAK, G. KUKLIŃSKI, Screening life cycle assessment of a laptop used in Poland (pp. 43-55)
Z. LIU, S. LI, H. ZHANG, F. NIE, Q. WANG, Preparation, characterization and coagulation behaviour of a novel inorganic coagulant – polyferric(III)-magnesium(II) sulfate (pp. 57-71)
P. PECH, Z.F. FRIC, Malacofauna on coal – ash settling basins  comparison of a functional basin to a basin abandoned for 26 years (pp. 73-85)
A. RAMAMURTHY, H.  SCHALCHIAN, Surfactant assisted removal of Cu(II), Cd(II) and Pb(II) from contaminated soils (pp. 87-99)
L. PLYATSUK, E. CHERNISH, Intensification of the anaerobic microbiological degradation of sewage sludge under bio-sulfidogenic conditions (pp. 101-118)
C.S. KESKIN, A. ÖZDEMIR, E. KARABAYIR, I.A. ŞENGIL, Simultaneous decolorization of ternary dye mixture from aqueous solution by electrocoagulation (pp. 119-133)
A. DERBALAH, A. ISMAIL, Remediation technologies of diazinon and malathion residues in aquatic system (pp. 135-147)
M. ŠTULOVIĆ, D. IVŠIĆ-BAJČETA, M. RISTIĆ, ®. KAMBEROVIĆ, M. KORAĆ, Z. ANĐIĆ, Leaching properties of secondary lead slag stabilized/solidified with cement and selected additives (pp. 149-163)
S. ABUALHAIL, R. NASEER, L. XIWU, Biological nutrient removal using a novel five-step continuous flow activated sludge process technology (pp. 165-184)
M. FULADIPANAH, A. MAKVANDI, Application of the USBR equation for surveying balance of sediment yield in Dez River branches in Iran (pp. 185-195)
J. GÓRNA, K. MAJEWSKA-NOWAK, Surfactant enhanced ultrafiltration for the removal of inorganic phosphorous compounds from aqueous solutions (pp. 197-206)
P. WÓJTOWICZ, M. SZLACHTA, A. KOTOWSKI, Measurement of air–water oxygen transfer of cylindrical vortex flow regulators at a recirculating system (pp. 207-215)




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