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Environment Protection Engineering

T. BACZYŃSKI, Influence of process parameters on anaerobic biodegradation of DDT in contami-nated soil. Preliminary lab-scale study. Part II. Substrates and pH control (pp. 5-16)
B. HOLM, K. HEINSOO, Influence of composted sewage sludge on the wood yield of willow short rotation coppice. An Estonian case study (pp. 17-32)
M. A. BEHNAJADY, M.E. ALAMDARI, N. MODIRSHAHLA, Investigation of the effect of heat treat-ment process on characteristics and photocatalytic activity of TiO2-UV100 nanoparticles (pp. 33-46)
Z. XIAOLAN, C. YANRONG, Z. JUNTAO, S. YIFEI, Z. TIANLE, Effects of modification and calcina-tionconditions on the adsorption performance of red mud for low-concentration formaldehyde in air (pp. 47-57)
N. MODIRSHAHLA, M. ABDOLI, M. A. BEHNAJADY, B. VAHID, Decolourization of tartrazine from aqueous solutions by coupling electrocoagulation with ZnOphotocatalyst (pp. 59-73)
B. NOWAK, M. GRZEGORCZYK, M. CZAPLICKA, U. ZIELONKA, Comparison of two different analytical procedures for determination of total mercury in wet deposition samples (pp. 75-85)
J. ZHANG, G.-D. LIU , H. GUO, L. LIU, S.-H. DENG, Application the optimization models to analysis of the industrial pollutant emission in China (pp. 87-99)
K. PREMRUDEE, U. JANTIMA, A. KITTINAN, L. NARUETEP, K. KITTIWAN, B. SUDKLA, Life cycle assessment of lead acid battery. Case study for Thailand (pp. 101-114)
G. M. TEHRANI, R. HASHIM, A.H. SULAIMAN, B. T. SANY, A. SALLEH, R.K.JAZANI, A. SAVARI, R. F. BARANDOUST, Distribution of total petroleum hydrocarbons and polycyclic aromatic hy-drocarbons in Musa Bay sediments (northwest of the Persian Gulf) (pp. 115-128)
J. S. PASTUSZKA, P. IWASIEWICZ, E. BRĄGOSZEWSKA, Preliminary testing of a new bioaerosol sampler developed for the measurements of low and medium concentration levels of airborne bacteria and fungi (pp. 129-138)
N. MANSOURI, N. RIKHTEGAR, H.A. PANAHI,F. ATABI, B.K. SHAHRAKI, Porosity, characteriza-tion and structural properties of natural zeolite – clinoptilolite – as a sorbent (pp. 139-152)
Y. CAO, A. PAWŁOWSKI, Biomass as an answer to sustainable energy. Opportunity versus challenge (pp.153-161)
L. JINGYAN, W. JIANXIONG, H. YING, J. XIANYONG, Effects of cotton on several enzymatic activ-ities of the petroleum contaminated soil.A laboratory experiment (pp. 163-182)
E. LIWARSKA-BIZUKOJC, R. BIERNACKI, D. GENDASZEWSKA, S. LEDAKOWICZ, Improving the operation of the full scale wastewater treatment plantwith use of a complex activated sludge model (pp. 183-195)
J. WILLNER, A. FORNALCZYK, Extraction of metals from electronic waste by bacterial leaching (pp. 197-208)


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