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Environment Protection Engineering

A. ASSADI, M.H. DEHGHANI, S. NASSERI, A.H. MAHVI, N. RASTKARI, Photocatalytic reduction of hexavalent chromium in aqueous solutions with zinc oxide nanoparticles and hydrogen peroxide (pp. 5-16)
M. ZIELINSKA, K. BERNAT, D. KULIKOWSKA, A. CYDZIK-KWIATKOWSKA, I. WOJNOWSKA-BARYLA, Activated sludge activity in the treatment of anaerobic sludge digester supernatant (pp. 17-27)
A. KRÓL, Durability of stabilised galvanic sewage sludge against the impact of sea water and sulfate solutions (pp. 29-40)
B. O. BOLAJI, Z. HUAN, Computational analysis of the performance of ozone-friendly R22 alternative refrigerants in vapour compression air-conditioning systems (pp. 41-52)
M. ABATAL, M.T. OLGUINE, Valuating of effectiveness of a natural- and modified-surface Mexican clinoptilolite-rich tuff in removing phenol and p-nitrophenol from aqueous solutions (pp. 53-65)
H. XU, D.-J. CAO, Z.-F.TIAN, Isolation and identification of a mercury resistant strain (pp. 67-75)
S. H. SHIM, S.H. JEONG, K.-Y. KIM, S.-S. LEE, Speciation of mercury in coal and sludge combustion flue gases (pp. 77-85)
I. XIE, X. DONG, W. HUANG, H. XU, H. DU, Reaction kinetics and thiourea removal by ozone oxidation (pp. 87-98)
D. SLYS, A. STEC, Hydrodynamic modeling of the combined sewage system for the city of Przemysl (pp. 99-112)
T. BACZYNSKI, Influence of process parameters on anaerobic biodegradation of DDT in contaminated soil preliminary lab-scale study. Part I. Surfactant and initial contamination level (pp. 113-125)
B. KAZMIERCZAK, A. KOTOWSKI, Depth-duration-frequency rainfall model for dimensioning and modelling of Wroclaw drainage systems (pp. 127-138)
S. B. TAVAKOLY SANY, A.H. SALLEH, A.HALIM SULAIMAN, A. SASEKUMAR, G.TEHRANI, M. REZAY, Distribution characteristics and ecological risk of heavy metals in surface sediments of West Port, Malaysia (pp. 139-155)
M. LEBIOCKA, A. PIOTROWICZ, Co-digestion of sewage sludge and organic fraction of municipal solid waste. A comparison between laboratory and technical scales (pp. 157-162)
A. M. DZIUBEK, Some problems concomitant with the removal of nitrogen compounds in Poland (pp. 163-169)
I. MIHAJLOVIC, N. ŠTRBAC, P. ÐORÐEVIC, A. MITOVSKI, Ð. NIKOLIC, «. «IVKOVIC, Optimum conditions for copper extraction from the flotation waste using factorial experimental design (pp. 171-184)


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