Environment Protection Engineering

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Wroclaw University of Technology

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Environment Protection Engineering

B. PIECZYKOLAN, K. BARBUSIŃSKI, I. PŁONKA, COD removal from landfill leachate using H2O2, UV radiation and combination these processes (pp. 5-13)
M. ŻUBROWSKA-SUDOŁ, Moving bed technology as an alternative solution for reducing bioreactor volume (pp. 15-22)
M. HAWROT-PAW, A. NOWAK, An attempt at mathematical modelling of the process of microbiological biodegradation of diesel oil (pp. 23-29)
J. LATOSIŃSKA, J. GAWDZIK, Effect of incineration temperature on the mobility of heavy metals in sewage sludge ash (pp. 31-44)
M. MONTAZEROZOHORI, M. NASR-ESFAHANI, S. JOOHARI, Photocatalytic degradation of an organic dye in some aqueous buffer solutions using nano titanium dioxide. A kinetic study (pp. 45-55)
A. COBAN, G. DEMIR, H.E. OKTEN, H. KURTULUS OZCAN, C. YAMAN, S. YILDIZ, Advanced treatment of leachate by using aerobic/anoxic MBR system followed by a nanofiltration process. A case study in Istanbul Komurcuoda Leachate Treatment Plant (pp. 57-64)
I. KOWALSKA, Recovery of contaminated single-phase detergent by means of membrane filtration (pp.65-78)
TANG HAI, LIU GUI-ZHONG, YAN YOU-BIN, GONG JIAN-LONG, Enhancement of removal of organic pollutants from coking wastewater through adsorption by modifiedcoal fly ash (pp.79-95)
Z. SADECKA, E. WEISS, S. MYSZOGRAJ, Processing of sewage sludge with energy recovery in a wastewater treatment plant (pp.97-105)
I. ZIMOCH, E. ŁOBOS, Comprehensive interpretation of safety of wide water supply systems (pp.107-117)
AFIZAH AYOB, NORLI ISMAIL, TJOON TOW TENG, AHMAD ZUHAIRI ABDULLAH, Immobilization of Cu2+ using stabilized nano zero valent iron particles in contaminated aqueous solutions (pp. 119-131)
T. PECKA, W. MILL, Modelling of atmospheric nitrogen deposition effects to Polish terrestrial
ecosystems for various emission scenarios until the target year 2020
(pp. 133-143)
M. KUTYŁOWSKA, H. HOTLO¦, History, structure and deterioration of sewerage system in Wrocław (pp. 145-157)
A. BIELSKI, Modelling of mass transport in watercourses at unsteady states (pp. 159-173)
J. RYBAK, I. SÓWKA, A. ZWO¬DZIAK, Preliminary assessment of use of spider webs for the indication of air contaminants (pp. 175-181)


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