Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

M. DUDZIAK, Retention of mycoestrogens in nanofiltration. Impact of feed water chemistry, membrane properties and operating process conditions (pp. 5-17)
M. ¦WIDERSKA-BRÓŻ, M. WOLSKA, Efficiency of ozonation followed by filtration through a biologi-cally active adsorption bed at removing biogenic organic substances from surface water (pp. 19-28)
L. KOS, K. MICHALSKA, R. ŻYŁŁA, J. PERKOWSKI, Effect of acetic acid on pollutant decomposition in textile wastewater treated by the Fenton method (pp. 29-39)
M. ZIELIŃSKA, K. BERNAT, A. CYDZIK-KWIATKOWSKA, I. WOJNOWSKA-BARYŁA, Respirometric activity of activated sludge in sequencing batch reactor depending on substrate and dissolved oxygen concentration (pp. 41-49)
K. KOSIŃSKA, T. MI¦KIEWICZ, Precipitation of heavy metals from industrial wastewater by Desul-fovibrio desulfuricans (pp. 51-60)
T. SIWIEC, L. KIEDRYŃSKA, K. ABRAMOWICZ, A. REWICKA, Analysis of chosen models describing the changes in BOD5 in sewages (pp. 61-76)
Y. CAO, A. PAWŁOWSKI, Energy sustainability of two parallel sewage sludge-to-energy pathways: Effect of sludge volatile solids content on net energy efficiency (pp. 77-87)
M. JANUS, A. MARKOWSKA-SZCZUPAK, E. KUSIAK-NEJMAN, A.W. MORAWSKI, Disinfection of E. coli by carbon modified TiO2 photocatalysts (pp. 89-97)
R. JASIŃSKI, Directions of air pollution inflows as a method for evaluation of representativeness of automatic air monitoring stations area (pp. 99-108)
S. HOFFMAN, Approximation of imission level at air monitoring stations by means of autonomous neural models (pp. 109-119)
G. PASTERNAK, B. KOŁWZAN, G. BERNARD-BAURES, J. RYBAK, A. MROZIK, Physiological charac-terization of carbazole degrading bacteria isolated from a former gasworks site (pp. 121-126
J. MAGIERA, S. PATER, Bivalent heating installation with a heat pump and solar collectors for a residential building (pp. 127-140)
J. ZIMNY, K. SZCZOTKA, Ecological heating system of a school building. Design, implementation and operation (pp. 141-150)
P. ŻACH, Plastic raw materials from end-of-life vehicles (pp. 151-156)
R. BLAŻEJEWSKI, R. MATZ, Design flows for pressure sewers (pp. 157-170)


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