Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

L. DĄBEK, E. OZIMINA, A. PICHETA-OLEŚ, Dye removal efficiency of virgin activated carbon and activated carbon regenerated with Fenton’s reagent (pp. 5-13)
M. BOGACKI, R. OLENIACZ, M. MAZUR, P. SZCZYGŁOWSKI, Air pollutant emissions during baking of semi-finished graphite products in a tunnel furnace (pp. 15-23)
T. HARDY, A. MUSIALIK-PIOTROWSKA, J. CIOŁEK, K. MOŚCICKI, W. KORDYLEWSKI, Negative effects of biomass combustion and co-combustion in boilers (pp. 25-33)
M. JUSZCZAK, Pollutant concentrations from a 15 kW heating boiler supplied with sunflower husk pellets (pp. 35-43)
M. ZACIERA, J. KUREK, L. DZWONEK, B. FEIST, A. JĘDRZEJCZAK, Seasonal variability of PAHs and nitro-PAHs concentrations in total suspended particulate matter in ambient air of cities of Silesian voivodeship (pp. 45-50)
A. WIECZOREK, K. PRZYBULEWSKA, Examination of the biofiltration of air polluted with methyl isobutyl ketone (pp. 51-58)
K. KLEJNOWSKI, W. ROGULA-KOZŁOWSKA, T. ŁUSIAK, Some metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in fugitive PM10 emissions from the coking process (pp. 59-71)
I. SÓWKA, A. ZWOŹDZIAK, K. TRZEPLA-NABAGLO, M. SKRĘTOWICZ, J. ZWOŹDZIAK, PM2.5 elemental composition and source apportionment in a residential area of Wrocław, Poland (pp. 73-79)
D. SAVIC, A. MIHAJLOV, Contaminated sites. Practice of solid waste management in a devel-oping country (Serbia) (pp. 81-90)
M. BAĆMAGA, E. BOROS, J. KUCHARSKI, J. WYSZKOWSKA, Enzymatic activity in soil contaminated with the Aurora 40 WG herbicide (pp. 91-102)
J. GUMIŃSKA, M. KŁOS, Analysis of post-coagulation properties of flocs in terms of coagulant choice (pp. 103-114)
E. YURTSEVEN, M. S. ERDOGAN, T. ULUS, U. A. SAHIN, B. ONAT, E. ERGINÖZ, S. VEHID, S. KÖKSAL, An assessment of indoor PM2.5 concentrations at a medical faculty in Istanbul, Turkey (pp. 115-127)
E. ŚLIWKA, B. KOŁWZAN, K. GRABAS, J. KLEIN, R. KORZEŃ, Chemical composition and biological properties of weathered drilling wastes (pp. 129-138)


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