Environment Protection Engineering

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Wroclaw University of Technology

the Department of Environmental Engineering



Environment Protection Engineering

W. M. BUDZIANOWSKI, CO2 reactive absorption from flue gases into aqueous ammonia solutions: the NH3 slippage effect (pp. 5-19)

J. ĆWIKŁA, K. KONIECZNY, Treatment of sludge water with reverse osmosis (pp. 21-34)

W. DˇBROWSKI, Rational operation of variable declining rate filters (pp. 35-53)

W. GOLIMOWSKI, A. GRACZYK-PAWLAK, Influence of esterification of waste fats process parameters on agricultural biofuel production facilities (pp. 55-62)

B. KUCHARCZYK, W. TYLUS, Effect of promotor type and reducer addition on the activity of palladium catalysts in oxidation of methane in mine ventilation air (pp. 63-70)

A. BIELSKI, Modelling of mass transport in watercourses considering mass transfer between phases in unsteady states. Part II. Mass transport during absorption and adsorption processes (pp. 71-89)

M. ALWAELI, An economic analysis of joined costs and beneficial effects of waste recycling (pp. 91-103)

A. KOTOWSKI, H. SZEWCZYK, W. CIEŻAK, Entrance loss coefficients in pipe hydraulic systems (pp. 105-117)

E. STASZEWSKA, M. PAWŁOWSKA, Characteristics of emissions from municipal waste landfills (pp. 119-130)

J. KRÓLIKOWSKA, Damage evaluation of a town’s sewage system in southern Poland by the preliminary hazard analysis method (pp. 131-142)
N. G. TURAN, B. MESCI, Adsorption of copper(II) and zinc(II) ions by various agricultural by-
-products. Experimental studies and modelling
(pp. 143-161)









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