Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

L. BARTOSZEK, J.A. TOMASZEK, Analysis of the spatial distribution of phosphorus fractions in the bottom sediments of the Solina–Myczkowce dam reservoir complex (pp. 5-15)

M. GRABAS, J. TOMASZEK, E. CZERWIENIEC, J. ZAMORSKA, E. KUKUŁA, A. MASŁOŃ, R. GRUCA-ROKOSZ, Noxiousness of odours and properties of wastewater sludge processing with biopreparation (pp. 17-25)

M. GAJEWSKA, H. OBARSKA-PEMPKOWIAK, Efficiency of pollutant removal by five multistage constructed wetlands in a temperate climate (pp. 27-36)

L. STYSZKO, D. FIJAŁKOWSKA, M. SZTYMA-HORWAT, Influence of fertilization with compost from municipal sludge on the content of dry matter and the yield of energy willow planted on light soil (pp. 37-45)

J. NAUMCZYK, M. KUCHARSKA, Tannery wastewater treatment by anodic electrooxidation coupled with electro-Fenton process (pp. 47-54)

M. WOJTKOWSKA, Content of selected heavy metals in water and riverbed sediments of the Utrata River (pp. 55-62)

G. A. PŁAZA, M. PACWA-PŁOCINICZAK, Z. PIOTROWSKA-SEGET, K. JANGID, K.A. WILK, Agroindustrial wastes as unconventional substrates for growing of Bacillus strains and production of biosurfactant (pp. 63-79)

E. LIWARSKA-BIZUKOJC, S. LEDAKOWICZ, Determination of kinetic and stoichiometric parameters of activated sludge models (pp. 73-83)

M. WALCZAK, E. LALKE-PORCZYK, W. IDZIKOWSKI, Dynamics of methanogenic archaeal communities based on the rRNA analysis and their relation to methanogenic activity (pp. 85-92)

M. R. RYNKIEWICZ, Application of constant electric field in simultaneous intensification of dewatering of wastewater sludge and filtrate purification (pp. 93-100)

R. GRUCA-ROKOSZ, E. CZERWIENIEC, J.A. TOMASZEK, Methane emission from the Nielisz Reservoir (pp. 101-109)

B. TCHÓRZEWSKA-CIEŚLAK, Matrix method for estimating the risk of failure in the collective water supply system using fuzzy logic (pp. 111-118)

M. GAJEWSKA, Fluctuation of nitrogen fraction during wastewater treatment in a multistage treatment wetland (pp. 119-128)

M. DĘBOWSKI, M. ZIELIŃSKI, A. KLUK, Ł. CHOMAŃSKI, Effect of Aqua Kem Green chemicals on technological effectiveness of gasification of plant biomass (pp. 129-136)








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