Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

J. KAWIECKA-SKOWRON, K. MAJEWSKA-NOWAK, Effect of dye content in a treated solution on performance of the UF ceramic membrane (pp. 5-12)

R. STRAKA, J. MAKOVIČKA, M. BENEŠ, Numerical simulation of NO production in a pulverized coal fired furnace (pp. 13-22)

A. KOTOWSKI, A. DANCEWICZ, B. KA¬MIERCZAK, Accuracy of measurements of precipitation amount using standard and tipping bucket pluviographs in comparison to Hellmann rain gauges (pp. 23-34)

A. BIELSKI, Modelling of mass transport in watercourses considering mass transfer between phases in unsteady states. Part I. Mass transfer process for periodic and aperiodic changes of concentration (pp. 35-51)

Z. DUAN, Microbial degradation of phenol by activated sludge in a batch reactor (pp. 53-63)

S. M. SHIRAZI, S. WIWAT, H. KAZAMA, J. KUWANO, M. G. SHAABAN, Salinity effect on swelling characteristics of compacted bentonite (pp. 65-74)

M. KABSCH-KORBUTOWICZ, M. KUTYŁOWSKA, Use of artificial intelligence in predicting the turbidity retention coefficient during ultrafiltration of water (pp. 75-84)

K. PIEKARSKA, M. ZACIERA, A. CZARNY, E. ZACZYŃSKA, Application of short-term tests in assessment of atmospheric air pollution (pp. 85-98)

M. GŁOMBA, E. SZMIGIELSKA, Impact of limestone grinding degree on the volume of the absorption suspension tank in flue gas desulphurization systems (pp. 99-107)

K. JUDA-REZLER, M. REIZER, W. TRAPP, Analysis of possible climate change impacts on air pollution by sulfur species over central eastern Europe (pp. 109-121)

M. BRANC, J. HORÁK T. OCHODEK, Fine particle emissions from combustion of wood and lignite in small furnaces (pp.   123-132)

M. ZIELINA, W. DˇBROWSKI, Impact of raw water quality on operation of variable declining rate filter plants (pp. 133-140)







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