Environment Protection Engineering

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Wroclaw University of Technology

the Department of Environmental Engineering



Environment Protection Engineering

I. SÓWKA, M. SKRĘTOWICZ, M. SZKLARCZYK, J. ZWO¬DZIAK, Evaluation of nuisance of odour from food industry (pp. 5-12)
J. KUROPKA, Removal of nitrogen oxides from flue gases in a packed column (pp. 13-22)
K. GAJ, H. CYBULSKA, F. KNOP, Method of simultaneous measurement of total sulfur, chlorine and fluorine content in biogas (pp. 23-30)
A. MUSIALIK-PIOTROWSKA, C. KOLANEK, Emission of volatile organic compounds from diesel engine fuelled with oil–water emulsions (pp. 31-38)
Z. BAGIEŃSKI, Emission from stationary combustion sources as the determinant of energy air quality index (pp. 39-49)
M. ALWAELI, Economic calculus of the effectiveness of waste utilization processed as substitutes of primary materials (pp. 51-58)
B. TABI¦, R. GRZYWACZ, Assessment of finite dimensional approximations in integration of spherical biofilms for microbiological processes (pp. 59-71)
K. MALINOWSKA, B. SMOLIK, Physiological and biochemical activity of spring wheat (Triticum vulgare) under the conditions of stress caused by cadmium (pp. 73-81)
Ł. BˇK, A. MICHALIK, T. TEKIELAK, Appraise of consequences of erosive processes occurring in the Skawa river sector (pp. 83-92)
J.-M. LIU, Y. XU, H. LIU, Z.-R. ZHU, S.-Y. QIAO, Pilot study on chemical industrial wastewater in tertiary treatment with biofilm for washing belts (pp. 93-104)
L. PAWŁOWSKI, Effect of mercury and lead on the total environment (pp. 105-117)
B. KOŁWZAN, W. KOŁWZAN, A.M. DZIUBEK, G. PASTERNAK, Statistical approach to assessing groundwater pollution from gasworks (pp. 119-126)





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