Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

T. YAMAMOTO, H. KAWASAKI, H. KUMAZAWA, Relationship between the dispersed droplet diameter and the mean power input for emulsification in several types of motionless (pp. 5-21)
A. SIUTA-OLCHA, Energy efficiency evaluation of a solar domestic hot-water system: a case study (pp. 23-35)
A. CZERNICHOWSKI, P. CZERNICHOWSKI, GlidArc-assisted cleaning of flue gas from destruction of conventional or chemical weapons (pp. 37-45)
W. ŻUKOWSKI, S. ENGLOT, J. BARON, S. KANDEFER, M. OLEK, Reduction of carbon dioxide emission using adsorption – desorption cycles in a fluidised bed reactor (pp. 47-56)
M. A. GOSTOMCZYK, K. LECH-BRZYK, Flue-gas cleaning after thermal waste utilization (pp. 57-64)
WEN PO CHENG, FUNG HWA CHI, RUEY FANG YU, YU PIN KAO, Using on-line turbidimeter monitoring technique in evaluating algal suspension removal (pp. 65-75)
M. DAŃCZUK, J. ŁOMOTOWSKI, Application of microwave energy to the hygienization of sewage sludge (pp. 77-86)
A. HOŁTRA, T.M. TRACZEWSKA, M. SITARSKA, D. ZAMORSKA-WOJDYŁA, Assessment of the phytoremediation efficacy of boron-contaminated waters by Salvinia natans (pp. 87-94)
M. Z. VOSYLIENE, A. KAZLAUSKIENE, A. MIKALAJUNE, Alterations in selected haematological parameters of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) exposed to complex mixtures of contaminants (pp. 95-104)
I. ZIMOCH, E. ŁOBOS, Application of the Theil statistics to the calibration of a dynamic water supply model (pp. 105-115)
E. SZENTGYÖRGYI, N. NEMESTÓTHY, K. BÉLAFI-BAKÓ, Anaerobic moving bed biofilm fermenter for biogas production (pp. 117-125)
E. CHMIELEVSKÁ, Zeolites – materials of sustainable significance (short retrospective and outlook) (pp. 127-135)




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