Environment Protection Engineering

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Wroclaw University of Technology

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Environment Protection Engineering

A. NAPIÓRKOWSKA, M. LASKA, A. ISAŃSKA-ĆWIEK, The influence of building regulations on the efficiency and pollution level of the heating system (pp.5-14)
W. ŻUKOWSKI, J. BARON, B. KOWARSKA, J. ZABAGŁO, N2O conversion in active and chemically inert fluidized bed (pp.15-32)
I. KOWALSKA, Separation of anionic surface-active agents in an integrated ion exchange-sedimentation-ultrafiltration purification system (pp.33-42)
T. SUPONIK, Adsorption and biodegradation in PRB technology (pp.43-57)
I. PŁONKA, K. BARBUSIŃSKI, Preliminary research into the digestion of post-coagulation sludge (pp.59-67)
Y. CAO, A. PAWŁOWSKI, J. ZHANG, Preparation of activated carbons with enhanced adsorption of cationic and anionic dyes from Chinese Hickory husk using the Taguchi method (pp.69-86)
M. HAWROT-PAW, A. KAMIENIECKA, B. SMOLIK, Biological activity of soil contaminated by biodiesel (pp.87-93)
G. NAŁĘCZ-JAWECKI, S. BARAN, J. MANKIEWICZ-BOCZEK, E. NIEMIRYCZ, L. WOLSKA, J. KNAPIK, K. PIEKARSKA, M. BARTOSIEWICZ, G. PIĘTOWSKI, The first Polish interlaboratory comparison of the luminescent bacteria bioassay with three standard toxicants (pp.95-102)
H. HOTLOŚ, Quantitative assessment of the influence of water pressure on the reliability of waterpipe networks in service (pp.103-112)
D. SŁYŚ, Application of numerical simulation in design of innovative Kalipso-type sewage tank (pp.113-126)



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