Environment Protection Engineering

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Wroclaw University of Technology

the Department of Environmental Engineering



Environment Protection Engineering

P. CYPLIK, K. CZACZYK, A. PIOTROWSKA-CYPLIK, R. MARECIK, W. GRAJEK, Removal of nitrates from brine using Haloferax mediterranei archeon (pp. 5-16)
M. ŻYGADŁO, M. WO¬NIAK, Processes of coal fly ash weathering in waste deposits (pp. 17-29)
S. SATORA, A. WAŁĘGA, Variation of the distribution of selected constructional and hydrogeological parametres of drilled wells (pp. 31-37)
A. MAGDZIARZ, Coal combustion in the mixture of O2/CO2 (pp. 39-43)
E. KOWALSKI, J. MAZIERSKI, J. SUSCHKA, The effect of a support material on the nitrification rate in biofilm reactors (pp. 45-61)
J. GRZECHULSKA-DAMSZEL, Preparation and characterization of titania coating used as a photoactive refill in the process of water purification (pp. 63-74)
W. DˇBROWSKI, R. BUCHTA, B. DˇBROWSKA, R.I. MACKIE, Calcium carbonate equilibria in water supply systems (pp. 75-94)
H. MERDUN, Ö. ÇINAR, Artificial neural network and regression techniques in modelling surface water quality (pp. 95-109)
J. KUROPKA, Reduction of nitrogen oxides from boiler flue gases (pp. 111-122)
A. MUSIALIK-PIOTROWSKA, W. KORDYLEWSKI, J. CIOŁEK, K. MO¦CICKI, Characteristics of air pollutants emitted from biomass combustion in small retort boiler (pp. 123-131)
I. SÓWKA, Assessment of air quality in terms of odour according to selected European guidelines: grid and plume measurements (pp. 133-141)
J. RYBAK, W. SADŁEK, Ecological impact of a dam on benthic macroinvertebrates in montane rivers of Lower Silesia (pp. 143-151)
T. A. MARCINKOWSKI, Effect of alkalization process on changes in the chemical composition of secondary sludge (pp. 153-160)





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