Environment Protection Engineering

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Wroclaw University of Technology

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Environment Protection Engineering

S. KALEMBASA, A. GODLEWSKA, Total sulfur and its fractions as well as activity of arylsulfatase
in soil depending on waste organic materials and liming
(pp. 5-11)
A. KULIG, R. BARCZAK, “Effective Microorganisms” (EM) in reducing noxiousness of selected
odorant sources
(pp. 13-24)
A. P. BARBACKI, Geological and technical aspects of geothermal energy utilization in south-east
(pp. 25-34)
J. BIEŃ, M. KOWALCZYK, T. KAMIZELA, M. MROWIEC, The influence of ultrasonic disintegration
aided with chemicals on the efficiency of sewage sludge centrifugation
(pp. 35-43)
A. GREINERT, Selected heavy metals and their behaviour in urban soils versus soil quality standards (pp. 45-53)
I. ZIMOCH, A. STOLARCZYK, Raman spectroscopy in estimating THM formation potential in water
pipe network
(pp. 55-64)
M. PIONTEK, Use of planarian Dugesia tigrina Girard bioassay for assessing the toxicity of
sterigmatocystin produced by Aspergillus versicolor Tiraboschi
(pp. 65-71)
Z. B. ROMANOWSKA-DUDA, M. GRZESIK, HAZEM M. KALAJI, Phytotoxkit test in growth assessment of corn as an energy plant fertilized with sewage sludge (pp. 73-81)
S. MADHAVAKRISHNAN, M. SATHISHKUMAR, A.R. BINUPRIYA, J.G. CHOI, R. JAYABALAN, K. MANICKAVASAGAM, S. PATTABI, Ricinus communis pericarp activated carbon as an adsorbent for the removal of Pb(II) from aqueous solution and industrial wastewater (pp. 83-94)
T. J. JAWORSKI, Coefficients of longitudinal and transversal dispersion of mass on the grates for
waste incineration systems
(pp. 95-102)
J. KALETA, Evaluation of effectiveness of adsorption process in removal of surfactants from
(pp. 103-112)
E. SZAREK-GWIAZDA, I. SADOWSKA, Distribution of grain size and organic matter content in
sediments of submontane dam reservoir
(pp. 113-124)
M. KABSCH-KORBUTOWICZ, A. URBANOWSKA, Comparison of polymeric and ceramic ultrafiltrationmembranes for separation of natural organic matter from water (pp. 125-135)




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