Environment Protection Engineering

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Wroclaw University of Technology

the Department of Environmental Engineering



Environment Protection Engineering

M. WALCZAK, E. LALKE-PORCZYK, Occurrence of bacteria Salmonella sp. in sewage sludge used
in agriculture
(pp. 5-12)
P. KOSZELNIK, Isotopic effects of suspended organic matter fluxes in the Solina reservoir (SE Poland) (pp. 13-19)
L. BARTOSZEK, J.A. TOMASZEK, M. SUTYŁA, Vertical phosphorus distribution in the bottom sediments of the Solina–Myczkowce reservoirs (pp. 21-29)
A. BĘŚ, L. ROGALSKI, Respiration activity of fly ash mixed with compost (pp. 31-40)
A. PUSZKAREWICZ, J. KALETA, A. PIECH, Improvement of atypical ground water conditioning
(pp. 41-48)
M. FRĄC, S. JEZIERSKA-TYS, Biological indicators of soil quality after application of dairy sewage
(pp. 49-61)
M. ŚWIDERSKA-BRÓŻ, M. RAK, Effect of the type of aluminium coagulant and water pH on the
destabilization of colloids
(pp. 63-72)
K. GAJ, F. KNOP, I. TRZEPIERCZYŃSKA, Technological and environmental issues of biogas combustion
at municipal sewage treatment plant
(pp. 73-79)
E. NEVEROVA-DZIOPAK, Problems of ecological monitoring of surface waters (pp. 81-91)
J. BUJAK, Waste utilization system with heat recuperation and air preheating – efficiency analysis (pp. 93-110)
K. MAJEWSKA-NOWAK, Ultrafiltration of dye solutions in the presence of cationic and anionic surfactants (pp. 111-121)




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