Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

J. LAURENT, M. PIERRA, M. CASELLAS, C. DAGOT, The fate of heavy metals during thermal and
ultrasound treatment of activated sludge
(pp. 5-15)
YUJIE QIN, SHAOQI ZHOU, Enrichment and molecular diversity of anammox bacteria in UASB reactor (pp. 17-26)
O. KUJAWSKI, Efficient energy production in modern biogas plants as an effective means of limiting
CH4 and CO2 emissions
(pp. 27-39)
S. RÖNNER-HOLM, N.CHR. HOLM, Reduction of emissions using biomanipulations of activated
sludge: selected full-scale examples
(pp. 41-51)
M. MARKIEWICZ, A. MARKOWSKA, J. HUPKA, R. ARANOWSKI, C. JUNGNICKEL, Sorption of ionic liquids (pp. 53-64)
J. BERNACKA, L. PAWŁOWSKA, P. CHABER, S. GÓRSKA, I. KONDZIELSKI, E. POLUBIEC, Determination of the content of 4-nonylphenols and their ethoxylates in sewage sludge from Polish municipal
wastewater treatment plants
(pp. 65-79)
R. ŚLĘZAK, L. KRZYSTEK, S. LEDAKOWICZ, Short-term aerobic in situ stabilization of municipal
landfills: laboratory tests
(pp. 81-92)
M. URBANIAK, M. ZIELIŃSKI, W. WESOŁOWSKI, M. ZALEWSKI, Sources and distribution of polychlorinated dibenzo-para-dioxins and dibenzofurans in sediments from urban cascade reservoirs, central Poland (pp. 93-103)
A. KŁOS, M. RAJFUR, M. WACŁAWEK, W. WACŁAWEK, Impact of roadway particulate matter on
deposition of pollutants in the vicinity of main roads
(pp. 105-121)
A. ZAWADZKA, L. KRZYSTEK, S. LEDAKOWICZ, Autothermal drying of organic fraction of municipal
solid waste
(pp. 123-133)
M. VALENTUKEVICIENE, Applying backwash water in order to enhance removal of iron and ammonia
from spent filters with fresh filter media (pp. 135-144)
A. KLEPACZ-SMÓŁKA, K. PAŹDZIOR, S. LEDAKOWICZ, J. SÓJKA-LEDAKOWICZ, Z. MROZIŃSKA, R. ŻYŁŁA, Kinetic studies of decolourisation of concentrates from nanofiltration treatment of
real textile effluents in anaerobic/aerobic sequencing batch reactors
(pp. 145-155)
M. PAWŁOWSKA, M. ZDEB, A. MONTUSIEWICZ, M. LEBIOCKA, Decomposition of hydrogen sulfide in organic materials (pp. 157-165)
J. RACYTE, M. RIMEIKA, H. BRUNING, pH effect on decolorization of raw textile wastewater polluted
with reactive dyes by advanced oxidation with UV/H2O2
(pp. 167-178)
Z. SUCHORAB, H. SOBCZUK, R. ČERNÝ, Z. PAVLIK, R. SEVILLANO DE MIGUEL, Sensitivity range determination of surface TDR probes (pp. 179-189)
K. MEDRZYCKA, E. HALLMANN, S. PASTEWSKI, Evaluation of surfactant and biosurfactant mixture
usefulness in oil removal from soil, based on physicochemical studies and flushing experiments
(pp. 191-205)
K. SKALSKA, J. MILLER, S. LEDAKOWICZ, NO removal from flue gases by ozonation (pp. 207-214)
A. KACPRZAK, L. KRZYSTEK, S. LEDAKOWICZ, Anaerobic co-digestion of agricultural products and
industrial wastes
(pp. 215-224)
M. R. DUDZIŃSKA, A. STASZOWSKA, B. POŁEDNIK, Preliminary study of effect of furniture and finishing materials on formaldedyhe concentration in office rooms (pp.225-233)
D. BŁĘDZKA, D. GRYGLIK, J.S. MILLER, Photolytic degradation of 4-tert-octylphenol in aqueous
(pp. 235-247)
H. BILINSKI, Experience with a commercial wet-scrubber (Alusuisse) used in unconventional seawater
(pp. 249-257)
E. SKORBIŁOWICZ, M. SKORBIŁOWICZ, Trace elements in a valley of upper river Narew and its selected tributaries, NE Poland (pp. 259-278)
M. SKORBIŁOWICZ, E. SKORBIŁOWICZ, Assessment of heavy metal content in bottom sediments of
river Supraśl and its tributaries
(pp. 279-292)
H. WASĄG, L. PAWŁOWSKI, V. SOLDATOV, E. KOSANDROVICH, Removal of ammonia from air by fibrous ion exchangers (pp. 293-304)
G. ŁAGÓD, H. SOBCZUK, Z. SUCHORAB, M. WIDOMSKI, Advection–dispersion pollutant and dissolved oxygen transport as a part of sewage biodegradation model (pp. 305-317)




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