Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

K. Konieczny, M. Rajca, M. Bodzek, A. Kwiecińska, Water treatment using hybrid method of coagulation and low-pressure membrane filtration (pp. 5-23)
K. Piekarska, Mutagenic effect of main groups of organic pollutants adsorbed on suspended particulate matter (PM10 and PM 2.5) collected within Wrocław urban area (pp. 23-37)
K. Piekarska, M. Zaciera, A. Czarny, E. Zaczyńska, Mutagenic and cytotoxic properties of extracts of suspended particulate matter collected in Wrocław city area (pp. 37-49)
P. Jadczyk, Natural effects of large-area forest decline in the Western Sudeten (pp. 49-57)
K. Pakuła, D. Kalembasa, Fractions of chromium and lead in forest Luvisols of South Podlasie Lowland (pp. 57-65)
E. Skorbiłowicz, Aquatic plants as bioindicators of contamination of upper Narew River and some of its tributaries with heavy metals (pp. 65-79)
Z. Spiak, K. Gediga, Usefulness of selected mineral wastes for reclamation of copper industry dumping site (pp. 79-89)
B. Patorczyk-Pytlik, K. Gediga, BCR method in assessing alterations of copper forms in sludge composted according to different methods (pp. 89-95)
B. Kołwzan, Effect of bioremediation on genotoxicity of soil contaminated with diesel oil (pp. 95-105)
T. Sekutowski, J. Sadowski, Phytotoxkit™ microbiotest used in detecting herbicide residue in soil (pp. 105-111)
J. Rybak, Effect of sulphur contaminants on macroinvertebrates in the Karkonosze Mountains (Sudeten, Poland) (pp. 111-119)
T. M. Traczewska, A. Trusz-Zdybek, K. Piekarska, A. Biłyk, J. Czarniecka, Influence of preliminary oxidation of model water with chlorine dioxide on its mutagenicity (pp. 119-127)
K. Grabas, Environmental hazard in the area of the former uranium ore mine "Podgórze" in Kowary (pp. 127-139)
E. Śliwka, B. Kołwzan, K. Grabas, E. Karpenko, P. Rutkowski, Influence of rhamnolipids from Pseudomonas PS-17 on coal tar and petroleum residue biodegradation (pp. 139-151)
T. M. Traczewska, M. Sitarska, Development of biofilm on synthetic polymers used in water distribution (pp. 151-161)
E. Zabłocka-Godlewska, W. Przystaś, E. Grabińska-Sota, Decolourization of triphenylmethane dyes and ecotoxicity of their end products (pp. 161-171)
A. M. Dziubek, J. Maćkiewicz, Removal of nitrates from water by selective ion exchange (pp. 171-)



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