Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

W. Rogula-Kozłowska, K. Klejnowski, S. Szopa, Concentrations of 42 elements in atmospheric fine particles in Zabrze, Poland (p. 5)
W. M. Budzianowski, R. Miller, Effect of energy release and detailed surface mechanisms on
multicomponent catalytic combustion
(p. 6-17)
B. Ambrożek, Removal and recovery of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from waste air streams
in thermal swing adsorption (TSA) system with closed-loop regeneration of adsorbent
(p. 18-27)
K. Gaj, H. Cybulska, F. Knop, M. Steininger, Examination of biogas hydrogen sulphide sorption
on a layer of activated bog ore
(p. 28-33)
Z. Bagieński, Analysis of diffusion within cavity region of pollutants from short-point sources -
wind tunnel experimental investigation
(p. 34-43)
A. G. Chmielewski, J. Licki, Application of electron beam from accelerator to purification of exhaust
gases from combustion of high-sulphur fossil fuels
(p. 44-51)
K. Przybulewska, A. Wieczorek, Isolation and kinetic characteristics of methyl isobutyl ketone
(MIBK) degrading microorganisms
(p. 52-61)
B. Kucharczyk, Oxidation of carbon oxide over monolithic platinum catalysts doped with metal
(p. 62-69)
B. Kucharczyk, J. Zabrzeski, Monolithic La1-xPtxMnO3 and LaMn1-xPtxO3 perovskite catalysts
for the oxidation of methane and carbon oxide
(p. 70-75)
A. Worobiec, A. Zwoździak, I. Sówka, J. Zwoździak, E. A. Stefaniak, A. Buczyńska,
A. Krata, K. Van Meel, R. Van Grieken, M. Górka, M.-O. Jędrysek
, Historical changes in
air pollution in the tri-border region of Poland, Czech Republic and Germany
(p. 76-81)
A. Wieczorek, K. Przybulewska, Isolation and kinetic characteristics of styrene-decomposing bacteria (p. 82-91)
A. Stolarska, D. Klimek, Free proline synthesis in leaves of three clones of basket willow (Salix
viminalis) as a response to substrate salinity
(p. 92-97)
M. Szklarczyk, W. Adamiak, J. Szymborska, Biofiltration of benzene and toluene vapours. Influence of quality of filtration bed on process results (p. 98-103)
H. Pyta, Classification of air quality based on factors of relative risk of mortality increase (p. 104-111)
M. Mazur, M. Bogacki, R. Oleniacz, P. Szczygłowski, Air pollutant emissions from process of
mixing materials used for manufacturing small products from carbon and graphite
(p. 112-119)
J. Skrzypski, E. Jach-Szakiel, Neural network prediction models as a tool for air quality management
in cities
(p. 120-129)
M. Bełdowska, K. Zawalich, L. Falkowska, P. Siudek, R. Magulski, Total gaseous mercury in the area of southern Baltic and in the coastal zone of the Gulf of Gdańsk during spring and autumn (p. 130-139)
A. Stolarska, K. Przybulewska, A. Wieczorek, Physiological activity of wheat seedlings under
chemical stress induced by volatile ethyl benzene
(p. 140-145)
P. Szczygłowski, M. Mazur, Application of BOOT statistical package in calculating pollutant
spreading in air
(p. 146-151)
A. Musialik-Piotrowska, Effect of platinum doping on activity of LaMnO3 in oxidation of volatile
organic compounds
(p. 152-157)
M. Głomba, J. Mazurek, Desulphurization of boiler flue gas in circulation fluidized bed - foreign
and domestic experience
(p. 158-165)
M. Głomba, Effect of atomization degree of CaCO3 absorption suspension in spray absorber on its
(p. 166-177)
J. Kuropka, Simultaneous desulphurisation and denitrification of flue gases (p. 178-187)








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