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Environment Protection Engineering


S. Krzanowski, A. Wałęga, Effectiveness of organic substance removal in household conventional activated sludge and hybrid treatment plants (pp. 5-12)
K. Kołecka, H. Obarska-Pempkowiak, The quality of sewage sludge stabilized for a long time in reed basins (pp. 13-20)
T. Sionkowski, R. Ślizowski, The phenomenon of simultaneous work of pumps in a pressurised sewerage system (pp. 21-34)
K. Chmielowski, R. Ślizowski, Defining the optimal range of a filter bed's d10 replacement diameter in vertical flow sand filters (pp. 35-42)
S. Satora, E. Milijanović, Variability of gradients of thermal waters in the area of Lesser Poland voivodeship (pp. 43-52)
G. Kaczor, P. Bugajski, Evaluation of a BIOCOMPACT sewage treatment plant operating under low hydraulic loading conditions (pp. 53-58)
T. Bergel, J. Pawełek, Quantitative and economical aspects of water loss in water-pipe networks in rural areas (pp. 59-64)
M. Kalenik, Experimental investigations of hydraulic resistance on lifts in pipelines of a vacuum sewage system (pp. 65-74)
G. Kaczor, M. Długosz, Comparison of pollutant removal effectiveness in selected rural sewage treatment plants in Nowy Targ district (pp. 75-84)
J. Pawełek, T. Bergel, Selected quality indictators for water drawn from a retention reservoir (pp. 85-92)
S. Satora, A. Rutkowska, Diversification of main ion concentration in underground waters, based on ion distribution type (pp. 93-102)
W. Miernik, A. Wałęga, Anthropogenic influence on the quality of water in the Prądnik river (pp. 103-108)
J. Radoń, W. Bieda, S. Satora, Computational analysis of the effects of groundwater on heat flow below buildings (pp. 109-116)
B. Michalec, M. Tarnawski, The influence of small water reservoir operational changes on capacity reduction (pp. 117-)









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