Environment Protection Engineering

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Wroclaw University of Technology

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Environment Protection Engineering


M. Szlachta, W. Adamski, Mathematical model of PAC-adsorption and its application in water technology (pp. 5-14)
M.  Zieliński, M. Dębowski, The way of sampling as a factor influencing the quality of wastewater from laundry (pp. 15-20)
D. Słyś, Mathematical modelling of EcoINFRA2 storage reservoir (pp. 21-30)
J. Dziopak, D. Słyś, Hydraulic analysis of EcoINFRA2 storage reservoir functioning (pp. 31-42)
A. Kotowski, P. Wójtowicz, Analysis of hydraulic parameters of cylindrical vortex regulators (pp. 43-56)
J. Rak, K. Pietrucha, Some factors of crisis management in water supply system (pp. 57-66)
H. Hotloś, Quantity and availability of freshwater resources: the world - Europe - Poland (pp. 67-78)
M. Kabsch-Korbutowicz, A. Kozak, B. Krupińska, Ion-exchange­-ultrafiltration integrated process as a useful method in removing natural organic matter from water (pp. 79-94)
J. A. Wiśniewski, S. Kliber, Donnan dialysis - a useful method of troublesome anion removal from water (pp. 95-104)
I. Kowalska, Surfactant separation in pressure-driven membrane processes (pp. 105-114)
K.P. Banaszkiewicz, T.A. Marcinkowski, Evaluation of usefulness of hydrated lime in process of stabilization of sludges from electrocoating (pp. 115-)









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