Environment Protection Engineering

published quarterly by
Wroclaw University of Technology

the Department of Environmental Engineering



Environment Protection Engineering


A. Puszkarewicz, Removal of petroleum compounds from water in coagulation process (pp. 5-14)
M. Kabsch-Korbutowicz, M. Kutyłowska, The possibilities of modelling the membrane separation processes using artificial neural networks (pp. 15-36)
J. Zamorska, D. Papciak, Activity of nitrifying biofilm in the process of water treatment in diatomite bed (pp. 37-52)
B. Kołwzan, P. Jadczyk, J. Rybak, W. Adamiak, Genotoxicity of explosives-contaminated soil before and after bioremediation (pp. 53-62)
A. Zwoździak, I. Sówka, A. Gzella, J. Zwoździak, Morning ozone buildup during summer 2003 episodes and their links with some radiosonde data in Wrocław, south-western Poland (pp. 63-80)
J. Zimny, P. Michalak, The work of a heating system with renewable energy sources (RES) in school building (pp. 81-)







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