Environment Protection Engineering

published quarterly by
Wroclaw University of Technology

the Department of Environmental Engineering



Environment Protection Engineering

M. ¦widerska-Bróż, M. Wolska, Influence of hydraulic parameters on water pollution in a distribution
(pp. 5-16)
M. Zielina, W. D±browski, T. Lang, Assessing the risk of corrosion of asbestos-cement pipes in
Kraków's water supply network
(pp. 17-26)
R. I. Mackie, W. D±browski, M. Zielina, Numerical experiments into optimisation of VDR filters (pp. 27-40)
A. Kotowski, P. Wójtowicz, The new method for limiting outflow from storm overflows (pp. 41-54)
A. Kolonko, A. Kotowski, Proecological technologies of sewers' rehabilitation (pp. 55-66)
M. A. Islam, B. N. Dubey, An improved method for the identification of an undeclared transboundary
emission source
(pp. 67-74)
M. T. Markiewicz, Methods of determining meteorological data used in air pollution dispersion
(pp. 75-86)
T. M. Traczewska, K. Piekarska, A. Trusz-Zdybek, A. Biłyk, J. Czarniecka, Mutagenic
activity of the by-products obtained during water chlorination
(pp. 87-96)
J. Rybak, K. Grabas, A spontaneous overgrowing of the area of closed uranium mine "Radoniów"
in Radoniów (Lower Silesia)
(pp. 97- )







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