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Environment Protection Engineering

J. Kaleta, A. Puszkarewicz, D. Papciak, Removal of iron, manganese and nitrogen compounds from underground waters with diverse physical and chemical characteristics (pp. 5-14)
R. Wardzyńska, Z. Bukowski, B. Załęska-Chróst, L. Smoczyński, Computer simulation of wastewater flocculation (pp. 15-28)
I.    Kowalska, Ultrafiltration concentration of model detergent solutions (pp. 29-38)
W.  Mill, Dynamic modelling of Polish forest soil response to changes in atmospheric acid deposition (pp. 39-48)
A.  J. Kisiel, OPTIMUS-EP storage reservoir with a vacuum chamber filled by a system of suction and force pumps (pp. 47-54)
A.  Girgľdys, M. Pečiuliene, D. Jasaitis, G. Grigaliunaite-Vonsevičiene, Natural ionizing radiation in some resorts and recreational locations in Lithuania (pp. 55-66)
M.  Czekaj, J. Grzyb, Bacteriological contamination of Babia Góra Massif streams (pp. 67-88)
C.-H. Hsu, T. Stedeford, A.S. Persad, A.J. Kropczyńska, M. Banasik, Health/safety assessments for methylmercury: an analysis of the uncertainty in calculating safe levels for chronic exposures (pp. 89- )








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