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Environment Protection Engineering

D.   Anders, M. Rz±sa, The possibility of composting animal waste products (pp. 7-16)
I.    Bartkowska, L. Dzienis, Technical and economic aspects of autothermal thermophilic aerobic digestion exemplified by sewage treatment plant in Giżycko (pp. 17-24)
L.   Bartoszek, J.A. Tomaszek, Phosphorus distribution in the bottom sediments of the Solina-Myczkowce Reservoirs (pp. 25-34)
A.   Bednarek, M. Zalewski, Potential effects of enhancing denitrification rates in sediments of the
Sulejów reservoir
(pp. 35-44)
E.   Bezak-Mazur, L. D±bek, E. Ozimina, Assessing the migration of organic halogen compounds from sewage sludge to a liquid phase (45-52)
J.    Bień, T. Kamizela, M. Kowalczyk, The contamination of supernatant after sedimentation of sonicated activated sludge (pp. 53-60)
J.    Bień, M. Kowalczyk, T. Kamizela, Influence of conditioning methods of sludge from water treatment on the effectiveness of its mechanical dewatering (pp. 61-70)
J.    B. Bień, M. Kacprzak, E. Neczaj, K. Wystalska, Amendment of the UE legislation on biowaste management (pp. 71-78)
G.   Borowski, The possibility of utilizing coal briquettes with a biomass (pp. 79-86)
B.   Budziło, J. Filimowski, Reliability assessment of selected drainage water intakes (pp. 87-96)
E.   Czerwieniec, J. A. Tomaszek, Stable isotopes of oxygen and nitrogen in nitrate identification. Measuring techniques (pp. 97-106)
L.   D±bek, Microwave regeneration of activated carbon (pp. 107-116)
M.  Grabas, Analysis of the nitrification process in a cascade system with moving bed biofilm (pp. 117-130)
R.   Gruca-Rokosz, J.A. Tomaszek, The effect of abiotic factors on denitrification rates in sediment of Solina Reservoir, Poland (pp. 131-140)
R.   Iwanejko, Multicriterion AHP decision making model as a tool for supporting the selection of optimal decision in a water supply system (pp. 141-146)
A.   Jędrczak, D. Królik, Influence of paper particle size on the efficiency of digestion process (pp. 147-156)
P.    Koszelnik, Atmospheric deposition as a source of nitrogen and phosphorus loads into the Rzeszów reservoir, SE Poland (pp. 157-164)
D.   Marciocha, E. Felis, J. Surmacz-Górska, Parameters of pretreating wastewater polluted with chemicals based on modified Fenton's reaction (pp. 165-174)
A.   Masłoń, J.A. Tomaszek, Deammonification process of sludge digester liquors in biofilm systems (pp. 175-182)
M.  Mrowiec, Head loss at two-way circular manholes in drainage systems under surcharge condtions (pp. 183-192)
A.   Osowiecki, L. Kruk-Dowgiałło, Applying combined biological methods with remote sensing techniques in studies of marine biodiversity, bottom habitats and communities of flora and fauna (pp. 193-204)
R.   Reszel, H. Reszel, A. Głowacka, Phytoavailability of copper and zinc from soil reclaimed by lime-treated sewage sludge and other waste (pp. 205-211)
J.    Turek-Szytow, D. Choiński, K. Miksch, Properties of the activated sludge after lipase bioaugmentation (pp. 211-220)
M.  Walczak, A. Cywińska, Application of selected chemical compounds to limit the growth of filamentous bacteria in activated sludge (pp. 221-230)
R.   Wi¶niewski, The condition and potential methods of restoration of shallow, urban Lake Jelonek (pp. 231-240)
Woszczyk-Cierzyńska, J. Bień, M. Kacprzak, The effect of sewage sludge sonification on sanitary factors and pathogenic fungi (pp. 241-248)
M.  Zielina, Experimental research into depth filtration of polydispersed suspension (pp. 249-256)
M.  Żygadło, T. Orzechowski, Thermal activity of landfills (pp. 257-)








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