Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

A.  Musialik-Piotrowska, B. Kucharczyk, Oxidation of organic air pollutants over noble metal-
-modified perovskite-based monolithic catalysts
(pp. 5-14)
K.  Piekarska, J. Karpińska-Smulikowska, Effect of microsomal fraction induction on the detectability of mutagenic air pollutants by means of the Ames bacterial mutagenicity test (pp. 15-24)
S.   Hoffman, Missing data completing in the air monitoring systems by forward and backward prognosis methods (pp. 25-30)
J.    Warych, M. Szymanowski, Intensification of gas purification in impinging-stream scrubbers (pp. 31-36)
Z.   Bagieński, The analysis of dispersion of pollutants from short point sources - wind tunnel experimental investigation (pp. 37-46)
A.  Wieczorek, K. Przybulewska, Screening of microorganisms able to biodegrade ethylbenzene (pp. 47-52)
A.  Krupa, M. Lackowski, T. Czech, Visualization of dust particles motion in back discharge (pp. 53-58)
M.  Głomba, Influence of droplet separation efficiency from gas after contact with liquid in spray scrubbers on gas cleaning efficiency (pp. 59-66)
M.  Głomba, Flue gas dedusting in cocurrent spray scrubber (pp. 67-72)
P.   Szczygłowski, M. Mazur, Modelling dispersion of air pollutants over the area of diversified relief based on the Calmet/Calpuff model (pp. 73)
I.    Grombik, M. Jackowicz-Korczyński, D. Limanówka, I. Śliwka, Advection of CFC pollutants in Kraków area (pp. 79-84)
R.   Jasiński, The types of seasonal changes in daily concentration of some air pollutants in the
region of Upper Silesia
(pp. 85-)






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