Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

K.  Grzyb, A. Musialik-Piotrowska, J.D. Rutkowski, Methane combustion over monolithic catalysts (pp. 5-10)
B.   Mendyka, J. Świetlik, A. Budkiewicz, W. Walkowiak, C. Kolanek, Contribution of fuel additives to the formation of toxic pollutants in the exhaust gas of self-ignition engines (pp. 11-16)
B.   Kucharczyk, Effect of the CeO2 ingredient on the activity of a Pd-based monolithic catalyst for methane combustion (pp. 17-24)
K.  Przybulewska, M. Czupryniak, Microbial quality of air in various seasons under the influence of emissions from sewage treatment plant (pp. 25-30)
M.  Bełdowska, L. Falkowska, P. Siudek, M. Otremba, Influence of building activities and high-temperature processes on the concentration of gaseous mercury in air (pp. 31-38)
K.  Filipowski, PENTOL's experience to restructure emission monitoring systems in such a way as to meet waste fuel combustion requirements (pp. 39-46)
K.  Juda-Rezler, Integrated assessment modelling of air pollution on a regional scale (pp. 47-54)
T.   Czech, A. Krupa, M. Lackowski, E. Rajch, Dust components identification by emission spectroscopy in back discharge (pp. 55-62)
M.  Derda, A. G. Chmielewski, J. Licki, Stable isotopes of sulphur in investigating pollution sources (pp. 63-68)
M.  Bogacki, R. Oleniacz, M. Mazur, S. Kamiński, Real-time measurement of the size of air particulates (pp. 69-74)
I.    Grombik, J. Lasa, I. Śliwka, P. Mochalski, J. Pusz, M. Jackowicz-Korczyński, New method of measuring hydrogen concentration in air (pp. 75-80)
J.    Kuropka, Nitrous oxide emission - potential danger, balance and reduction possibilities (pp. 81-)





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