Environment Protection Engineering

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Wroclaw University of Technology

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Environment Protection Engineering

B.   Kowalska, D. Kowalski, A. Musz, Chlorine decay in water distribution systems (pp. 5-16)
J.    Rak, B. Tchórzewska-Cieślak, Five-parametric matrix to estimate the risk connected with water supply system operation (pp. 37-46)
J.    Wiśniewski, Ion exchange by means of Donnan dialysis as a pretreatment process before electrodialysis (pp. 47-66)
M.  Kabsch-Korbutowicz, Application of in-line coagulation/ultrafiltration process in water treatment (pp. 67-76)
K.  Majewska-Nowak, Concentration of dye solutions in the presence of surfactant and mineral salts (pp. 77-92)
M.  Markiewicz, Aerosol dynamics and transport in air-quality models for the urban and regional scale (pp. 93-104)
J.    Zabrzeski, W. Tylus, A. Musialik-Piotrowska, Investigation of filter-catalyst for soot emission control of older-type diesel engines (pp. 105-116)
B.   Mendyka, W. Walkowiak, C. Kolanek, J. Świetlik, VOCs content in exhaust gas from diesel engines depending on engine run and catalytic treatment system used (pp. 117-126)
J.    Dziopak, D. Słyś, Physical and mathematical model of gravitation-pump reservoir in sewage system (pp. 127-138)
D.  Słyś, Simulation model of gravitation-pump storage reservoir (pp. 139-)




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